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19 April 2011

Phineas and Ferb, iCarly and Wizards of Waverly Place

Betcha wondering what this title is about, aren't you?  Well I review young adult novels and it only goes that I would watch these shows too!  I do, I do watch Phineas & Ferb.  In fact, my whole family watches it and we love it.  This show is not just for kids it's really a whole family show.

Same with iCarly.  I really like this show and am a big fan of Sam and Freddie together.  I know that Freddie has had a long-time crush on Carly, but he and Sam just belong together.  I know, I know.  I'm crazy! But when there is nothing else on and me and Lily are snuggling on the couch, this is a go to show.  Another I really like is Victorious with Victoria Justice.  She goes to a Hollywood Arts school similar to Fame School when I was a teen!  These are all Dan Schneider shows who was in Head of The Class in the 80s.  He's now a cash cow for Nick.  Color me jealous.

Selena Gomez.  Wizards of Waverly Place.  When I first saw that Disney was going to make a show about wizards, I was totally not going to watch it.  But this has been a great show! Obviously Selena has been the breakout star, but Jake T. Austin's dumb brother Max has been extremely funny.  Jennifer Stone as Harper Finkle is another find on this show.  David Henrie as know-it-all Justin is fun to watch.  Even tho' he can't seem to keep a girlfriend.  I like how they all have to compete in the wizard tournament to see which of the siblings will keep their powers.  As of right now, it's up to anyone.  Seeing as tho' Alex and Justin have been demoted in their wizarding training, Max is in the lead.  And Lord save them all if he becomes the family wizard.

If you haven't watched any of these shows, I recommend that you get on it right away.  Especially Phineas and Ferb.  You'll be amazed at how many big stars show up on the show!


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