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20 April 2011

I'm a Book Blogger that uses the Library and other musings

Yep.  I borrow a ton of books from the library.  I'm not an elite blogger and I don't get books sent to me out of the blue.  I work hard to maintain this blog and I'm pretty nitpicky when it comes to being solicited by authors, because I know I can't read every book.  I do get books from publicists and sometimes a publishing house will contact me to hold a contest and I can get a copy of the book to read that way.

I don't beg authors for books and I don't stalk them either.  They deserve their privacy and probably hate getting e-mails asking for free books.  So I use my local library to get books that I haven't had the opportunity to get an early copy.  I've also been using Netgalley a lot.  Since getting my Nook, it's been awesome.  I really enjoy reading the books on it and I was so hesitant about getting an e-reader.

I should put where the book has come from when I review it, but I always forget!  I know that we book bloggers get a bad rap at times because we're seen as pushy, rude and only want what everyone else wants.  I think what I would take over a free advanced copy of a book is for followers to respond to my reviews.  Let me know if you think my review is crazy, over the top or just a rambling mess.  I like dialogue and just getting responses like ie, Great Review, I should get this book.  Isn't want I'm looking for.  I want you to ask me questions regarding the book.  Why did I like the book.  Why did I not like the book.  Even if you read the book and don't agree with my review, come on over and start a dialogue.  That's where looking for when it comes to book reviews.  We want to discuss the book with our readers.  Just like the authors will discuss their books, we reviewers want to talk about them as well.

I want someone to challenge my reviews.  Tell me that I'm off my tree.  I reviewed Anna and the French Kiss and I positively hated it.  But there are so many people out there loved it.  Why didn't anyone question my review.  I'm not saying be nasty, but lets get a debate going.  If I was running a political blog, there would be people out there questions my politics, whether I'm right wing/left wing.  A Birther, etc...

We've created these blogs to discuss books, not just give away free stuff.  The free stuff is a perk, but it's not the only reason why we blog.  I had my biggest surge of followers during the April Fools Hop and it was because I was giving away a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble.  Why don't these same people read my reviews?

I'm going to have a contest soon that is being run by a publisher and this one is going to be difficult to win.  I'm still thinking of ways to increase traffic.  I'm heading to BEA next month, and my swag is gonna be huge.


  1. You know I love you longtime but this post comes off extremely harsh. I am a blogger who gets TONS of ARCs and that isn't my fault, I don't get solicited things show up at my post office unannounced. I don't ask for 2/3 of what I get at least. I work VERY hard on my blog as well and social media and marketing and I am good at what I do so I think that is why I do get things. I still use my library and I support them and my local indie in a thousand different ways. I know you probably didn't mean to sound contrite but it does and after seeing it linked twice on twitter I just wanted to say that to you because I like you and I think you can handle it :D

  2. Good post Laura! I'm a blogger that uses and advocates for libraries. I wish more people took advantage of the great services that their libraries provide.

  3. Hi Laura, I too am a library lover. I rarely buy a book - not because I don't want to. But because with the rising cost of food, fuel and other living expenses my budget is suffering. Books are a luxury. The Library is my savior!

    Even though I don't comment a great deal, I do read your blog. Thank you for the reminder I should comment more. :D

  4. Pam, I never meant for this post to come across as harsh. Just trying to let people know that we (bloggers) do use our libraries. I may have a ranted a bit. I was bored:)

    I love you longtime too, and I know that you work your ass off on your blog and I appreciate that. I get unsolicited books, not many, but they pop up every so often. Again, not to beat a dead horse, I want my readers to know that some of the books I review are from library.

    I loved your comment btw, this is what I'm talking about. Let's start a discussion if I screw up:)

  5. The library is an awesome place. I have a long list of book I am always wanting I simply requested from library and wait my turn. I have a giant TBR pile to keep me busy in the mean time. But I do love getting books ahh how awesome a feeling it is. But those I don't get yup library for sure. Love, love the library.

  6. Go libraries! And I get where you are coming from... I have read you for a while but I hate captcha and being redirected. I don't want to keep clicking yada yada yada... any hoo - I figured if I would comment it would be here :) hugs and kisses @marirene74

  7. I completely agree! Libraries are awesome!

    I'm a pretty new blogger and I don't get a lot of stuff either. And I have to admit, it gets really annoying when everyone comments on your contest giveaways but not the book reviews that you worked really hard on. I had a giveaway a couple weeks ago and I got a whole bunch of followers-- but no more comments than I usually get. It's frusterating. The point of book blogs are the books, not the giveaways.

    Good job on having the guts to do such a assertive, up-front post. Hopefully people will respond to it.

  8. I, too, agree that it is highly annoying to follow ppl for giveaways and never comment again. I did this in the beginning of my book blog and have since realized it sucks. The same ppl comment on blog every week, and THOSE are the ppl I appreciate most.

    Libraries are the bomb!


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