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01 January 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

I cannot believe that we made it to another year! I'm so excited for 2012 and all the great books that are coming out!  I usually read up a storm at the beginning of the year, review like crazy, then slow down come May/June.  I think BEA has something to do with that.

Anyway, lets get back to BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS!  The ones I'm totally looking forward to is The Golden Lily. I just love the Vampire Academy world! And we've got Dimitri!  Cinder.  Okay, I read an early copy, but I just loved this book so much! City of Lost Souls.  Jace, Clary, SIMON!!!! Izzy, Alec, Magnus.  Need I say more?  Clockwork Princess.  Um, I think that just speaks for itself. Perception. Snark, Gabriel and Justin, Clare and Perry (who is NOT a platypus!).  Plus, I just love Kim (although, it's been a while since I've seen her, must remedy that asap!) The Unquiet.  Because it's a ghost story and I read this in various stages and I have no clue how the finished product looks.  I'm just so excited to read this and my love for Jeannine grows leaps and bounds.  Plus she texts me in the middle of the night to wish me a happy new year! A Temptation of Angels. I just love the whole plot of this.  And knowing Michelle, she will make me fall in love with her characters and everything will be meticulously plotted.  Her attention to detail is phenomenal.

There are just so many books coming out this year. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone else, but I know I have.

Thank you to all these wonderful authors out there who keep me busy in my imagination and make me fall in love with their characters.  You are wonderful people with incredible talent.


  1. Happy new year, Laura! May your year be filled with oodles of delightful reads!!


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