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30 January 2012

The Best Book You're Not Reading (1)

This is a meme started by me.  If anyone else would like to partake of this, I say go right ahead, because I want to know what gems I haven't read either!  This will be a weekly meme by me posted on Monday's.  I want to say thank to Lisa Mantchev for instilling this idea in my head.  She wrote on her facebook that she hates correcting people who call her a New York Times best-selling author.  Well you know what?  Her book deserves to be a NY Times best seller!  So Lisa is my first The Best Book You're Not Reading!

First of all, this cover is just absolutely gorgeous. It's whimsical, magical and it has the coolest looking heroine and fairies.  Plus they sorta kick butt in the book too! I had so much fun reading this book.  It takes Shakespeare, turns it on it's head and throw in a mystery or two or three and you have a fantastic book!  Beatrice lives in the Theatre Illuminata.  Her friends are characters in some of Shakespeare's biggest plays!

Lisa creates a mystical world inside the theatre while outside life is moving along.  You get that sense although Bertie is sheltered, she knows what the world outside is like.  But what I like most about this story is the romance.  It's a tiny little flame that is smoldering.  Nate is the swashbuckling hero that is also Bertie's best friend.  Ariel, is an earth spirit who causes Bertie's knees to weaken.

The fairies are there as your comic relief and they definitely, albeit annoyingly, to Bertie command it!  The world is Bertie's stage, yet she's afraid to leave the world she has grown to love, but as she gets older, she must make her way in the world and forge her own destiny.

Eyes like Stars was first published in 2009 by Feiwel & Friends. It currently ranks on Amazon at #481,662.  It is a series. Perchance to Dream was published in 2010 and So Silver Bright was published in 2011. The cover artist is Jason Chan.  

I need to thank Lori from Pure Imagination for creating the button!  She is an amazing person and created something that I could not do.  Lori, I can't thank you enough.


  1. I love the sound of your meme! What an excellent idea because I know that there are SEVERAL authors who appear unloved by the critics but the readers will shower praises! I am looking forward to seeing which books you will recommend :)


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