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Back To Good by Laura McCarthy Benson

Back To Good

by Laura McCarthy Benson

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About Me

Welcome to my Book blog!  I try my best to get to every book, but with the number of requests and books I receive it can become difficult at times.  I am very honest in my reviews, and will at times write a less than flattering review.  However, I will qualify that review with back up and reasons why it wasn't for me.  I will always let people know that my review is my opinion and they may love the book.  It happens.

I am the mother of two girls, Rebecca is 23 and Lily is 10.  I have a dog, Shorty, who at times tries to eat my books.  We have a strict no literary diet for dog in the house. I am a stay at home mom who is currently helping a boutique literary agency find talent.  I love to read and can be found reading just about anywhere.  

I'm not a prolific reader like most bloggers, real life tends to get in the way and I hope that Publishers and Publicists and authors will take note of that.  It can take me anywhere from one day to two weeks to read a book, depending on what is going on in real life.  I generally just post my reviews here, but will cross-post if an author asks.  I generally just forget that I can post at Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, etc.  A gentle prodding never hurt anyone.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

I am highly excited for ebooks, so if you have an e-book in an epub format that you would love me to read, just email me and I'll give it a quick look. I'll read any genre of book but limit high fantasy. It has to be brilliantly written. If you query me, please address me with my name. When I get a query that says "Hi Blogger!" I'm apt to skip right over it. A little personalization never hurt anyone. Plus, Laura is pretty easy to spell.

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2016 Reading Challenge
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