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07 February 2014

Vampire Academy, The Movie

All righty! These are by far my favorite books of all time. Richelle Mead created a world where vampires are not scary creatures (well some of them are, but I'll get to that). Basically being a vampire is more of a nationality. Moroi are vampires with special gifts. Dhampirs are half-vampire breeds that are an offspring of vampire-human mating. Strigoi are the scary-ass vampires. Got it?

Rose Hathaway is Dhampir. She is not full vampire, but has special powers (heightened strength, speed, etc) so it makes her a perfect companion to guard the Moroi. A dying breed of vampires that are run by a royalty commonwealth.

Since it's first publication in 2007, I have devoured these books several times and when I heard they were making it into a movie, I was skeptical. I saw the TWILIGHT movies and well, they did nothing for me. I tend to be disappointed in Hollywood when it comes to adapting a best seller. So I went to the movies, by myself, not really expecting much.

Um, yeah, I went in totally wrong!

I loved the movie. I loved the casting, the direction, the adaptation, etc. It worked well. What didn't work well was the god-awful trailer. It did mainly a disservice to the film. I really hope they film the other books as well, because I think the whole story really takes off after FROSTBITE.

Zoey Deutsch as Rose was brilliant.

Lucy Fry as Lissa was also well cast.

Danila Kozlovsky this one was a leap of faith, but he really grew on me. To me Dimitri was leaner, taller, more sculpted. The accent was perfect, he was a bit thicker than I would've liked, but all in all, great casting.

The other side characters were great as well. No Adrian on this one, but if FROSTBITE is made, I'll be there with bells on!

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