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07 December 2013

Book Review: Gabriel's Redemption, Sylvain Reynard

Reading Level:Contemporary Romance/New Adult


Ebook (ARC)


Berkley Trade 12/3/13



Gabriel and Julianne have been married for six months. He's a tenured professor at Boston University and Julia is Ph.D student at Harvard University. Married life for the both of them is wondrous and difficult at the same time. Gabriel is going through some hard decisions he has to face and Julia is feeling overwhelmed as a full-time student.

When Julia is asked to present a paper at Oxford, she is thrilled, but scared at the same time because her findings for this specific paper contradicts what Gabriel has written about in the past. When he reads the paper, he automatically tells her she's wrong and she can't possibly present the paper.

Stupid mistake #1, Professor Emerson: You never tell your wife she's wrong. 

Stupid mistake #2, Professor Emerson: You don't tell you're overwhelmed wife you want kids sooner rather than later. 

Stupid mistake #3, Professor Emerson: Don't keep things secret from said wife.

A lot of these scenarios were okay, but I felt they tended to go on too long. Gabriel's back and forth on having the vasectomy reversed was annoying. Still hating his father and not wanting anything to do with them, when Julianne wanted a medical history.

I found a lot of the times, that I got pulled out of the story when Christa, Paul, Natalie and Simon were written about. Yes, Reynard was trying to tie up loose ends, but it was more distracting than a comforting tie.

This book was definitely written for the fans who clamored for more of Gabriel and Julianne. And he gave it to them in spades, but honestly. The ending of book 2 was more than enough for me.

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