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01 April 2013

Book Review: Walking Disaster, Jamie McGuire

Reading Level:Contemporary Romance/New Adult


Ebook (ARC)


Atria 4/2/2013



Walking Disaster is Jamie McGuire's follow up to her wildly successful self-published novel Beautiful Disaster. Only this time we get into Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox's head. This book is so anticipated that we who got early copies were lip-locked. Embargoed if you will.

I think Jamie had a good idea, but the I feel the construction failed. We know the story. We know what happens and seeing it from Travis' point of view doesn't give us insight into him at all. Yeah, we get a few bit of his interaction with his mom, but really how many three year old's remember vividly what happened? Losing a mom is momentous, but when you're three you don't quite understand the significance of it all. So I found the prologue, first chapter a bit weird.

I wanted more Travis-centric scenes with people other than Abby. I know what happens, I know they fall in love, fight, break up, are a beautiful disaster of a couple. But I wanted to see more of what was making Travis tick. There were a few scenes with him and Shepley that were nice. One scene with his dad that I wish there were more of. I really would've liked to have seen more interaction with his dad and brothers.

The saving grace of this book for me was the last chapter and the epilogue. Jamie could've written a book on that alone and I would've been extremely happy because she went into uncharted territories that is brought up in BD, but skimmed over. It was a very interesting twist and I thoroughly enjoyed that. Makes me wonder if she'll continue on with that story line? I think it would work.

For me, 3/4 of the book didn't work. I was bored, wondering when I was going to learn something new. But alas, it never came.

People will gobble it up and love it. I know that I'll be in the minority on this. I just wish there was more fresh material.


Let's wish Travis Maddox a very Happy Birthday as well!

Our favorite fighter boy was born on April 1!!!!


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