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17 March 2013

Boston Author Event 3/16/13

I went to the Boston Author Event yesterday at the Omni Parker Hotel right on Tremont Street in Downtown Boston. I had such a wonderful time meeting all these amazing authors that have started out as self-published authors and have made it big. SC Stephens hit #1 on the NY Times Best Seller list with RECKLESS. I wish I had taken more pictures, I don't know what I was thinking!

I got a really big hug from Colleen Hoover who instantly recognized me (I was recognized by quite a few authors). It was simply amazing and I bought SLAMMED (for ME) and she signed it. Normally I don't have them personalized because I've done this rodeo before with BEA. I got to talk to Tina Reber for a little while and she does have a new book coming out but she didn't say when :(.

I got to meet J. Sterling (who wrote THE PERFECT GAME) and let me tell you, Mets shirt aside, she was awesome. I was able to talk to her for quite a while and she signed my bag! (Bloggers got a free bag from Denise Grover Swank, which included her book AFTERMATH and some really cool swag. Jenn was having a great time, and has a kick-ass tattoo on the back of her neck that I instantly fell in love with. I cannot wait for the sequel to come out!

From there I got to talk to Tarryn Fisher for a few minutes. She was exceptionally busy as everyone wanted to meet her. She is absolutely gorgeous. Simply stunning.

I stopped by to meet Kendall Grey who has become my BFF on Facebook, she understands me and knows that I'm not a terrible person at all. I was a bit  nervous with this bunch of authors because well I managed to piss off one (she wasn't there), but still, word travels. I also got to talk to Jessica Park who brought her son and he is an adorable little boy. He looked bored, but he had his iTouch so I think it was all good for him. If you haven't read FLAT-OUT LOVE, well get on it. (It starts off in my hometown of Jamaica Plain, which is a section of Boston, MA.) She's got a novella coming out soon (no date I think) called FLAT-OUT MATT, which I want in my hot little hands like yesterday.

From there I met Kyla Linde (KA Linde). Who wrote the AVOIDING Series. She flat-ironed her hair and looked absolutely gorgeous! (I flat-ironed my hair and think I looked pretty cool too!) I didn't get to talk to her too much because there were people waiting to chat and get books signed (I only bought two books).

From there I got to meet the Goddess of Authors (In my mind), SC Stephens. I absolutely do not want any bad blood between us and hope that she knows this. My interview with the D-Bags in November remains my second-most popular blog post behind my review of Gayle Forman's WHERE SHE WENT. I admire Shannon beyond words and think she has an amazing career ahead of her. I wish that happened a few months ago, didn't happen. I think some people like to use certain things as leverage, and maybe that is what happened. I still have a great repoire with my contact at her publisher and they have been very amenable. So with this I say, Shannon, you rock!

Madeline Sheehan. Absolutely effing gorgeous. Her book UNDENIABLE was probably one of my favorites last year, and it has a new cover! We got to talk and I met her sister who is equally as gorgeous. Madeline has asked me to review another book of hers that is a trilogy: THE SOUL MATE. I will be getting to that soon. It's part of the HOLY TRINITY series. I cannot wait to DIVE in!

Georgia Cates. Another gorgeous southern belle. Her accent just won me over, but I think she appreciated my Boston accent just as much (although, I try hard to NOT sound like I'm from Boston.) She was a busy bee signing books and as soon as she saw me, she instantly knew who I was. I've adored Georgia since I first read GOING UNDER sometime last year and I saw that she was a Blue October fan. Since then we've become Blue October buds and I'll be holding a contest with her in the upcoming weeks.

I stopped by RL Mathewson's table and of course, she had NO clue who I was even though we chat on FB all the time and she likes my posts ALL THE TIME! Especially when they have to do with Lily. (Inside joke for RL. :)

I never got to stop by Katie Ashley's table, CJ Roberts, although her books THE DARK DUET, are AMAZING. Never saw Tara Sivec either. All those tables were so packed!

I wish I had taken a picture of the line of people waiting to get inside! It was beyond ridiculously crazy. I waited 90 minutes outside (yes, it was cold), but I met the most incredible people outside. We all have the love of reading and it was so nice to know that I'm not the only one who's obsessive about books! I need to give a shout out to Livia, Melissa, Heidi, Rachel, Dawn, Kristina, and Amy! Who made the wait in the cold bearable. Plus I got to have lunch with Heidi, Lori and Rachel. It was a great time. I understand that there were people who could not get inside, and I feel badly for them. It really was a magical time.

I wish I took more pictures. I don't know WHAT I was thinking! But here are two:

Tina Reber with Autumn (From Autumn Reviews)

Georgia Cates signing a poster she had (why didn't I grab one?)


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