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05 March 2013

Blog Tour: Emblaze, Jessica Shirvington

I was asked by Sourcebooks Fire if I wanted to partake of a blog tour with Jessica Shirvington of The Violet Eden Chronicles. I was so excited that I said yes and then yes again. Then again. I'm totally loving these books. Violet is such a kick-ass character in a similar way to Buffy Summers and Veronica Mars. She doesn't take any crap from her superiors or the two guys who are interested in her for two very different reasons.

The one thing I really enjoy about this series is that it's written by an Australian. Plus her world building and storytelling is amazing. There's romance, there's thrilling escapades and there is a young girl just trying to find her way in a world that expects so much from her.

I was so excited that I was able to ask Jess a few questions and she graciously answered them for you to enjoy.  So the books in order of release (just so you know, Australia has the fourth book out already, we'll get it in October).




1. How different is it writing for American readers after publishing in Australia? 
Other than applying an American edit it's not very different at all. As an Australian it really just means that I need to take the time to acknowledge the differences in some descriptions - like 'jumper' vs 'sweater' or 'coffee machine' vs 'espresso machine' or 'runners' vs 'trainers', that kind of thing. Also another consideration was school year and vacation periods etc, but with the help of great editors it was all relatively pain free. In terms of what readers expect, I think everyone is after the one thing - an awesome story, and for that, I do my best ;-)
2. How long did the series take you to write?
I've been working on the series since October 2009 and I am currently writing book 5. I've worked pretty solidly on the series for this entire period.
3. It's such a unique idea, where did the inspiration come from?
I wanted to write a story that focused on choice and consequence. I was adamant that my heroine would be flawed and make reckless mistakes, but that she would learn and grow from them. As readers it can be irritating to watch characters make mistakes and yet at the same time be very gratifying to watch them grow into their destiny. That is what I wanted for Violet and for the readers. I also loved the idea of twisting and manipulating bible folklore and ancient mythology. Using the angelic hierarchy made this possible and opened the floodgates for introducing so many different concepts and questions. I found it to be a very rich resource!
4. If you could have lunch with anyone, who would you choose?
My husband. I married him for a reason, he's my always choice!
NB:  Matt Shirvington is an Australian athlete and television presenter who held the Australian 100m national sprint title from 1998 to 2002. He's the 2nd fastest Australian of all time. (from Google)
5. Are you currently writing anything else?
Yes, I'm just in the final stages of editing my first stand alone novel called Between The Lives. It is my first departure from the Embrace Series and I am extremely excited and passionate about it. 
ENDLESS, book 4 in the Embrace Series will be out in the US in October this year and I'm also working on the 5th book as we speak. It's a big book to write and in some ways the most challenging of them all so I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all pans out.
I really appreciate the time Jessica took from her busy life to answer my questions. I really enjoy these books and look forward to reading more about the gang of Angels. Plus Violet and Lincoln are really hot together. And Phoenix is cunning as ever. Definitely a series to pick up!

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