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20 February 2013

Book Review: The Low Notes, Kate Roth

Reading Level:Contemporary Romance/New Adult


Ebook & Paperback


Rebel Ink Press, LLC 5/16/12



I'm doing something a little different with this review. Included is a Q&A that I asked Kate to answer which she graciously did. She's also putting up two (2) paperback books up for a giveaway. You guys are so lucky to have this opportunity to read this book. It was one of my favorites of last year and I want as many people to read it as possible. It's freakin' fantastic.  So before the review here is the Q&A!

Q: How did you come up with the plot of THE LOW NOTES?

A: I started with the general plot of what eventually became THE LOW NOTES in high school. I've always been a sucker for forbidden romance and star-crossed lovers but I also love the sexy taboo of the student-teacher relationship. I started and stopped with this novel for years before I finally told myself I needed to get it all out and Kevin and Nina evolved on their own from there.

Q: Did you always know what would happen to the characters at the end of the story. 

A: I knew how I wanted it to end but I didn't always know how I would get them there. There is a first draft in my office that is different in a lot of ways but the most important parts (how they meet, who they are, the worries they face) have remained the same. And though the ending is somewhat open to interpretation I know in my heart where Kevin and Nina are and I like giving the reader their own chance to make their own conclusions.

Q: Would you be willing to continue on with Nina and Kevin's story?

A: That is such a tough one! I am sick, mad, crazy in love with writing Kevin. I adore him and Nina and always will but right now I don't see myself writing another entire book about them. What I would love to do is pull a little Emily Giffin and write someone else's story who might happen to be friends with Kevin and/or Nina. I want to give my readers a glimpse at what happens beyond THE LOW NOTES but to me the story that needed to be told was told.

Q: Are you currently writing anything now?

A: I am SO VERY close to finishing my next novel I could scream! We are talking pages away! I'm hoping that with enough long hours and hard work I can have it out some time this year. (I would love a summer release but 2013 is already flying by!) RECKLESS RADIANCE is a paranormal romance and I cannot wait for my readers to meet my main man, Russell.

For more info about my upcoming work please visit my blog

Kevin Reed has come back to his hometown after the death of his father. With the help of his cousin's wife, he is set up on a blind date that goes disastrously. First of all, he's really not looking to date and second of all the torch singer at the club where his date is has caught his attention. With her dark looks and smoldering appearance, Kevin is smitten. So when date realizes that he's just not into her, she leaves and Kevin seeks out the singer, Nina Jordan. From there the connection simmers and they go out to dinner. With the promise after, of another dinner.

One of my favorite stories in 2012. I'm all about forbidden fruit stories, but this one has so much heart and soul, that you can't hope for the best for the two characters. As I read further on, I found myself falling for Kevin just as much as Nina did. He's a good guy. Conflicted at times, as is Nina. She's on her own while her father is off on his next conquest. A sister who rarely pays any attention to her. A gay best friend who tries to help her navigate the stormy seas.

This is a quiet story that builds to a blaring crescendo you are panting, breathless and just about to rip the hair from your head. Kate Roth gets into both of their heads and not an easy task to do. Her prose is beautiful and lovely. Her characters have just the right amount of conflict. A beautiful story that at times almost had me in tears. Similar stories could come across as crass. I rarely give books a rating of five, but this one just grabbed at me in a way that others haven't.

You can find this book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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