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21 January 2013

Book Review: Forever My Girl, Heidi McLaughlin

Reading Level:Contemporary Adult




Self Published 12/27/12



Liam Westbury had everything; a hot girlfriend, a chance at a football scholarship that would end with him in the NFL. But a chance encounter with a long lost aunt, changed all that. He started singing, and liked it. Quit school, dumped the girlfriend he was supposed to marry and became a rock star.

Years later, when his best friend from high school is killed in a horrific car accident, Liam must go home to attend the services. He knows he's not well respected and will be persona non grata to show up. 

Josie was the girl that Liam gave up. Struggling to make a career of herself in a small town, when every one knows that she was abandoned by the person who loved her the most. Most shockingly is that she's a single mom with a young son. 

Liam never expected to come home to a hero's welcome, but he wasn't expecting to be part of the services either. Katelyn, (Mason's wife), pretty much forced him into being a pall bearer. 

Liam sees what he's missed in all the years of being a rockstar, and tries to better his and Josie's life. He's still in love with her, but she's engaged to married to his former nemesis. To Liam, a mere blip. Especially since he is the father of Josie's son.

A wonderful, heartfelt debut by a terrific author. This story grabbed me from page one, and up until the end. Watching the characters unfold during a time of absolute tragedy brings a sense of community to them all. Josie never got over Liam just breaking up with her suddenly and Liam, could never get Josie out of his system no matter how many times he tried with various groupies, floozies and for hire women.

Liam is a complex character and not one that you want to like at first. He's stubborn, full of himself and just downright nasty to women. A veritable misogynist. But Josie humanizes him, even if she does it the chagrin of her fiancee (who has always been jealous of Liam.).

Heidi is currently writing a second book the Beaumont series and I know that it will be just as amazing as the first one. These self-published authors are proving themselves time and time again, that you don't really need a traditional publisher to put a good book forward. Highly recommend this one.

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