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21 January 2013

Book Review: Effortless, S.C. Stephens

Reading Level:Contemporary Romance/New Adult




Gallery 1/8/13



EFFORTLESS takes place about three months after the end of THOUGHTLESS. Kiera and Kellan are a couple and Denny has moved back to Australia. Although still suffering through the complications of their affair, both Kiera and Kellan are trying to make their love work.

Unfortunately, The D-Bags are discovered and a famous rock group wants them to tour with them and that would mean Kellan leaving Kiera for several months while the band tours. Because of what happened the last time her boyfriend left, Kellan does everything he can to make the separation a lot easier.

As Kellan's star rises, Kiera feels left out and wonders if he'll go back to his man-whore ways. Even though everyone tells her that he is madly in love with her. He did tattoo her name over his heart. Kiera tries to stay away from the tabloids, but finds it difficult when she sees a video of Kellan hugging a woman.

Anna, Kiera's sister, is still having a relationship with Griffin, much to Kiera's dismay. She's not a fan of Griff's abrasiveness and lowly opinion of women. However, Anna comes up with a plan to get them to see the band in Idaho. The D-Bags have become so popular on the tour that they are bumped up to opening band and the other band on the tour is put out, so when Kellan takes Kiera back to the bus, one of the sore band members, makes it seem like this will be his second conquest of the night. Luckily, Kellan (after being smartly slapped across the face) is able to explain to Kiera what the jerk meant. She's not happy, but she has to trust him.

However, Kiera is also keeping secrets herself. Denny is back from Australia and has become a friend to lean on. Although he tells her constantly to tell Kellan he's back in the picture, she doesn't. Yep, by now, you're like, why Kiera? She's trying to trust Kellan, but keeping secrets herself. It sort of backfires, when at Christmas time, Kellan receives phone calls that he's not answering and lies to her about it. The both of them are keeping things close to the vest.

Probably the most shocking revelation is Anna gets pregnant and good lord it's Griffin's! Kellan comes home, sees Denny at Kiera's and of course thinks the worst. But it's Kiera who tells him what is what. They make love, she showers, he finds the pregnancy sticks (Anna was freaking out), and storms out, leaving Kiera to wonder what the hell just happened.

This time she's not leaving it alone. She goes to Kellan's and demands to know what is going on. He accuses her of cheating on him because he found the positive pregnancy tests. She informs him loudly that they are Anna's. He forgives her, she forgives him. He tells her about the phone calls. They're from his biological father and he wants nothing to do with him. Kiera tries to ease his mind that it would be a good idea to meet his other family. Kellan will have nothing to do with him (them).

Kiera finally graduates college, Kellan comes home from tour. Griffin finds out he's about to be a dad. Everyone meets Denny's Australian girlfriend. Kiera and Kellan get married at Pete's bar (well metaphorically, they meld their hearts together and vow to be together forever.)

If my review seems like whiplash, it's because the book gave me heart palpitations and whiplash! I loved the first book, loved the second book. Kellan really proved to be a true romantic by leaving little notes for Kiera to find on a daily basis while he was gone. She's even find notes weeks later. How can you not love that. Kellan struggles to remain true, but he's so in love with Kiera it makes it easier. The secret-keeping could get a bit annoying at time, but as a plot device it works, because you don't know what is going on, like Kiera and you really wonder if he's doing something detrimental. Anna's pregnancy is probably one of the brightest spots in the book. Yeah, she's freaked out (she works for Hooters!), but she calms down enough to enjoy the ride. However, she's not ready to tell Griffin yet. And of course everyone wonders how that will play out.

Kellan is a definitely book boyfriend. He's gorgeous, sexy, romantic and troubled. His life has not been an easy one and he struggles with his self-esteem. Although on stage he is a rock God. In his real life he is anything but. With Kiera by his side, his self-worth grows leaps and bounds. Kellan meeting Kiera's parents the first time is just as difficult and painful as if you were really there. And Kiera really does have the squeakiest bed ever.

SC's books have become a phenomenon since they were self-published a few years back. She is defintely one of those authors that I will search high and low for something new by her. She is definitely an author to watch. The last book in the trilogy will be out March 5, 2013 and it's titled, RECKLESS.


  1. SC Stephens is an excellent writer who has tapped into the challenges of overcoming childhood pain, insecurity and self-image challenges that plagued most women today. I love the journey Kiera travels to finally see her external beauty and find the confidence to be with this gorgeous man who adores her.


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