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13 December 2012

Some books that should have made my list

I feel really badly that a lot of great books I read didn't make the list. They should've and I wanted to create a special list just for the ones that didn't make it. 

All of these books are fantastic reads and I really implore everyone to buy them, pick them up at library, ask Santa or whoever brings presents to your house for them. 

1. Captive in the Dark and Seduced in the Dark, CJ. Roberts. AMAZING SERIES

2. Crow's Row, Julie Hockley. Similar themes to the above books, but amazing on its own. Sequel is being written now.

3. The Sinners on Tour Series, Olivia Cunning. These books are so flipping good. A bit more erotic romance than just straight romance. But so well worth it.

4. Beautiful Disaster, Jamie McGuire. HOW did I leave this one off? This one is right up there with Thoughtless and Gabriel's Inferno.

5. The Moreno Brothers' Series, Elizabeth Reyes. Oh my, God! I fell in love with Elizabeth because of these books. She is a fantastic writer and represents Latinos in such a great light. Her books are amazing and I highly recommend you go out and purchase these NOW.

6. Easy, Tammara Webber. That was my first book by her and then I had to read the other series she had out and loved them. Tammara, Abbi Glines and Elizabeth Reyes are crit partners and they work so well together.

7. Love Unscripted/Love Unrehearsed, Tina Reber. I struggled with the first one when it was self-published. I had issues with it. But once Atria picked it up and worked their magic, it was like reading a different book. When I finished it, I needed the second one like ASAP. Thankfully I didn't have to wait that long, but long enough.

8 Slammed/Point of Retreat, Colleen Hoover. I cried like a baby with these books. LOVED them so much. I am so looking forward to reading anything Colleen writes. And a 3rd book in the Slammed series? Yes, please, right now, please! I want to go to a poetry slam now!

9. Collision Course, S.C. Stephens. Shannon is a goddess of storytelling. This book had me laughing and crying at the same flipping time! I adore Shannon and will read anything that she writes, even if it's her grocery list!

10. From What I Remember, Stacy Kramer & Valerie Thomas. I bought this book at the YA Carnival at the Jefferson Market Library in NYC (during BEA). I wanted to get Stacy and Valerie to sign it, but they didn't stay for signings. But I'm so glad I read this. It's such a romantic love story that will make you quiver. QUIVER!

11. Sempre, JM Darhower. Another human trafficking story, but told in a very different way. Sempre is Forever in Italian (and spanish). Haven is sold to a doctor who has two sons. She doesn't understand the life she is to lead, having her own room, her own space. Being cared for. When Haven meets Anthony's son, Carmine, they both fall in love and it's a forbidden love that will destroy everyone around them. This book is fucking amazing. It's a huge book, but JM writes with such passion it comes off the page and swooshes around you. GET. THIS. BOOK!

I have so many other books I'd loved to include because they all made me feel something different and taught me something else. These authors (most of them self-published) are damn good writers and we should NOT write them off because they decided to self-publish. I would LOVE to read these books for the first time all over again. 

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