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05 December 2012

I started this blog...

Four years ago as an outlet to all the reading I started doing. I mainly only reviewed young adult books because I was so into what was being released in 2007 and beyond. I've read my fair share of vampire, werewolf, zombie and ghost stories.

In 2012, things started to change. I still enjoy the young adult books but I was feeling burned out on the genre. How many vampire, werewolf, zombie and ghost stories can I read in a lifetime so I started diverting. I picked up the gods awful Fifty Shades of Grey book (this is my opinion, people, I. DID.NOT.LIKE.IT.) and only read the first two. Didn't even bother with the last one. Nope, nada, finito.

However, I'd been hearing a lot about Tiffany Reisz' Original Sinners series and I was lucky enough to get a free copy of The Siren on Netgalley. I inhaled this book and sought out Tiffany on twitter (@tiffanyreisz). Then she wrote an article in the Huffington Post about going to a sex club in NYC and I just about fell in love with her. She was so honest and forthcoming. I found myself searching out similar books that were considered erotica, but I had a mission I was on. It had to be well written erotica. Not just the bump and grind and everyone gets off and live happily ever after. No, I wanted something richer and deeper (pardon the pun). I found that in Tiffany's books.

I've since delved into the "new adult" market, although some people feel that this term is misleading. I found myself reading reviews about Beautiful Disaster. Some were positive, but a lot were negative, so I had to find out on my own. I loved the book because I just took it with a grain of salt. No, we don't want guys to go all cavemen on us (well, I wouldn't mind once in a while!). I loved the relationship in the beginning of Abby and Travis. How he's the manwhore and she's the 'good' girl. The dynamic between the two was what sold me.

Then I found S.C. Stephens. OMG, I would have her babies if I was capable. I was mesmerized by THOUGHTLESS. It gave me heart palpitations, made my palms sweat and made me want to race to the end of the book, but in away, I didn't either. I wanted to savor the writing, the characters, the storyline--everything about it. Then I found out about a sequel and I was over the moon. I think for that week, I never left the couch. I just read and read. Then I saw she had another book out Collision Course. I devoured that book and cried when it was over.

I found myself ignoring my young adult books in favor of the more adult-themed books that I was becoming interested in. I like the teen angst, but the college-age angst is so much more, what's the word I'm looking for, hmm... different? more emotional? more sensual?

I was very young when I first read Flowers in the Attic, Chances, The Thorn Birds, etc. Books that a teenager probably had no right reading, but they all had a theme: sex. Throw sex in there and you'll get a reader. Albeit, probably not the age you want, but ah, well, that's the way it goes.

I haven't given up on reviewing the young adult books, they're just taking a back burner for a while. As I start the new year in a few weeks, they'll be some changes to the blog. What? Not sure yet, but I'm thinking of things. I'll be posting my favorite books of 2012 in the next few weeks. It's going to be a tough decision.

I want to thank you to all the readers, bloggers, authors who have made my blogoversary so very special to me. It's hard to believe I've been doing this for four years and let's see if I have it in me to do it for four more years (when I turn back the clock and become 40 again!) Please remember I have this wonderful giveaway going on. Tell your friends, their friends and so on to come on over and win some great prizes! A friend posted this on FB. My feelings EXACTLY:

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