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28 November 2012

Some phenomenal books I've read recently

I found this via Goodreads before it even came out. Then I signed up to be on the blog tour and I figured I'd like to promote this book because of the blurb I read on it. Well, this book was only released last week and let me tell you it is taking the self-publishing world by storm! Everyone who reads this book absolutely loves it and I am one of those. Camryn is a young woman who is searching for something, but she doesn't quite know what it is. Her boyfriend was killed in a car accident a year ago. Her best friend's boyfriend has hit on her and she just wants to get away. So what is a girl to do? Well she buys a bus ticket to nowhere.  Along the way she meets some interesting people and some not so interesting.  Camryn's life has been beset with tragedy and  heartache. But when Andrew steps on the bus in Kansas, things will change for Camryn and she will live the life that she was meant to live. This book really took off for me when Andrews voice came into play. He added a richness and sensual desire to the book. He pisses off Camryn with his loud music (from his earphones no less). To just trying to make small talk to her. This book will have you laughing and leave you in sobbing tears. I highly recommend it and I believe it is $1.99 on both Amazon and B&N.

This book is fucked up. Yep, I said it. But it is sooooooooooo good. It's tightly written, extremely tightly plotted and you will be biting your lip reading this book. It takes being a sexual slave to the nth degree. Claire has been targeted by Tony for a long time, he finally makes his move after she loses her job as a meteorologist in Atlanta and is now working as a bartender. He wines and dines her, makes love to her and drugs her and moves her to Iowa. Where she is his captive. The twists and turns on this story is at the same time horrifying and bizarre, but the relationship between Claire and Tony is at best a love story. A fucking bizarre one. The second book took twists and turns as well, but wasn't quite as tightly written as this one. Still enjoyable, tho. If you don't mind some graphic sex scenes, then this book is for you. But I'll warn you Tony is sick person at times.

Okay at first I thought this book was going to be far-fetched. A beautiful girl  (Emma) who doesn't have a boyfriend, but does have a ticking biological clock wants a baby desperately. She's just finished planning a baby shower for a co-worker, and is worn out and exhausted from planning something that she wants so desperately. She gets into a fight with her best friend who just happens to be a guy, when they argue in the elevator along comes a woman-eating man whore co-worker, Aidan. He's tried to seduce and pick up Emma before, but she's been warned about him. Aidan decides to take it upon himself to intervene in the argument (he thinks it's a lover's quarrel), when Emma runs off.  However, he finds out that the guy Emma is fighting with is her gay friend who's boyfriend has rejected the idea of using his sperm to impregnate her. So Aidan comes up with plan that will get him at a least a few nights with Emma. He'll agree to be the sperm donor but they have to have sex not do it in a clinic with a turkey baster. Things change fast when both Emma and Aidan start falling for each other. It complicates things because the idea was he'd just impregnate her and move on. But feelings get in the way and his desire to perhaps have a child grows on him. Especially as his family adores Emma. But Aidan being the man whore, screws things up so terrifically that he just might lose Emma and the baby forever. Loved this one, Aidan is a dick, but you just root for him anyway.

Holy crap this book (and it's sequel Rock Star) is one mind-tripping rollercoaster! But I love those books that elicit those feelings from me. You want the protagonist
to win and get the guy. But in this case, it's the guy that just can't seem to commit even though he's obsessively in love. Andy Foster is a writer for a music magazine and has been invited by her friend, who happens to do PR for an up and coming band. Andy is not your typical gorgeous modelesque beauty. She's curvy, she's got an ass, hips and boobs (I always pictured Jane on Drop Dead Diva). But Vanni, the lead singer, is smitten. Andy is asked to write about the band during a tour and she is surprised by how into Vanni she is. Once she leaves the band, she and Vanni start texting and talking. But nothing is committed in stone. But then Vanni is shown with movie stars and models, and the next thing he's living with one. Andy is crushed, but she continues on. She meets a very eager music producer who whisks her off her feet, but is also eager to steal Vanni and his band from their current label.  I absolutely loved this book and I am patiently waiting for the third book. Because there is a third one. I know that Amazon has a bundle special with GROUPIE/ROCKSTAR for $5.99. Not sure if that goes for B&N. If you like your hard-edged rock star story, you'll adore this one.

I know this one has a new cover thanks to S&S, but I really loved this cover and I read the indie-pubbed book. This book, like THE EDGE OF NEVER, is a brilliant character study of two people who are so broken and so damaged, that you just want them to get together. Nastya doesn't talk, ever. Josh is considered death incarnate as people always have a tendency to die around him. Josh is a great at carpentry and that's all he wants to do. He wants to be left alone and just build furniture. Thankfully he has a friend like Drew to help him socialize a bit. But its not until Nastya takes an interest in Josh, that things really start to heat up. She opens up to him and actually talks to him. Not about anything important, she just talks. It becomes this thing between the two of them. Katja's book is so beautifully written and so well plotted and thought out that I just adored it. I thought about it after reading it and it's one of those books that will haunt you for a while. When you find out Katja's story it's so horrifying and when Josh realizes what had happened, you just fall for him all over again. A definite recommend. And congrats to Katja who was signed with Atria!

So there you have it! I highly recommend all these books and hope that you're able to purchase these wonderful books for yourself or as gifts for people. 

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