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11 November 2012

Book Review and Giveaway: Disastrous, E.L. Montes

Reading Level:

New Adult
Format:Paperback & EBook
Publisher:Amazon Digital Services 10/23/12

I found this book via Goodreads and the cover is what sold me. Then I read the blurb and I knew this was the type of book that I was into lately. E.L Montes is a brand-new author and don't think she's capitalizing on the initials of E.L. James. E. L is Emmy Luz Montes. So onto the story...

Mia Sullivan is in her first year of Harvard Law School and maintains a 4.0 G.P.A. During the last class of the year, she is surprised by one of her professors who submitted her name for a extern position at one the most prestigious law firms in Boston. These positions are highly coveted and only for incoming 3rd year law students, so Mia is very lucky to have this opportunity to interview.

Her roommate, Jeremy is also selected to apply for an interview and decides that they should go out and celebrate their good fortune. While there Jeremy is on the prowl and leaves Mia sitting and drinking alone at a table. However, Mia has caught the eye of Marcus DeLuca owner of the club and just so happens to be the owner of the law firm that she will be interviewing for.

From there starts a starcrossed love story that will at times have you shouting for joy and pulling the hair out of your head. It's a whirlwind romance with Mia throwing basic dating conventions out the window and hightailing it out of town to Marcus' home in the Bahamas. He's already promised her the job, so the interview process is one that would give the casting couch in Hollywood a blush.

However, Marcus' deep dark secrets start coming through and Mia wonders just who did she get involved with. She sees Marcus with seedy people, she's researched him and found out that his law firm happens to represent the top mafia person in Boston and she's afraid that he might be more involved in that business then he originally lets on.

Montes keeps the reader engaged with a fast-paced story that keeps you guessing where she could be going with this. Mia is vulnerable, no mother, her father and brother killed in action (both were cops), so her psychological relationship with Marcus is tormented. The physical need between the two them is fully explored, but Mia knows that before she gets in deeper, she needs to get out. Soon.

The story manages to weave in Mia's past and her present with Marcus' life and the two are intertwined in a way that Mia may never forgive him ever.

A solid debut and I'm looking forward to the sequel in 2013!

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