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03 October 2012

Sylvain Reynard mini Interview and Giveaway!

I'm really excited to be hosting this contest and I got to ask the fabulous Sylvain Reynard some questions. I am a huge fan of these books and would love to get them into as many hands as possible. I will admit that I was a bit starstruck and daunted by the task of asking the author of these books some questions.  So without further ado, I give you Mr. Sylvain Reynard.

Hello Laura. Thanks for the invitation to speak to you and your readers. It’s a pleasure to be with you.

1. When did you realize that Gabriel’s Inferno could stand alone outside of the Twilight fan fiction world?

Redemption, forgiveness, and love are the themes of the novel. These things are so important to the human condition, they transcend literary genres.  The love story of Dante and Beatrice was inspirational for the book, as well as the writing of Graham Greene.

My readers have been very supportive of my writing and me and I’m grateful to them for their encouragement and their willingness to use word of mouth to tell others about my novels.

2. What really happened to Christa Peterson? She seems to have gotten off easy.

When I finished Gabriel’s Rapture, I had in mind the idea that she would attend Columbia University and continue with her life. In my view, the choices a person makes and the character he or she develops can be its own kind of retribution. I doubt she could live a happy life based upon the person she’s become.

3. And last question, are you planning on writing a third book and complete it as a trilogy? I found some hanging threads that weren’t answered like the one in question 2.

Readers have been writing to me asking for a third book and I’ve been listening. I’m seriously considering it.

This contest is open to US/CA residents only.

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  1. I haven't read these yet but would love to!

  2. Right now, Down to You by M. Leighton. Loved this book!

  3. I have heard so much that I can't wait to read them!

  4. Fabulous Books!!!!!

  5. Professor Gabriel is every woman's dream of a truly romantic and feeling man. The way he treats Julia is the way any woman would want to be treated. Even though these two star crossed lovers start out on a very wrong note, in the end, as with Dante and Beatrice, their are destined to become lovers. I simply loved these books and am impatiently waiting for the 3rd in the series.

  6. I read the Dark secre series books 1-3 recently by A.M. Hudson & I believe she self published. Tears of the Broken was the favorite so far in that series.

  7. I loved Trust in Advertising by Victoria Michaels! Such a fun read and I'm hoping for more from her :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I loved On Dublin Street by Samantha Young!

  10. I can't say my very favorite indie book! I love so many. Off the top of my head? On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves.
    Thanks, Laura!

  11. I have read quite a few really great Indie authors so far this year. I think one of my absolute favorites has been Samantha Towle The Mighty Storm and I could name many more. Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. Gabriel and Julia's story NEEDS to continue! There's so much more to experience with this beautiful couple! :)

  13. My latest indie love is On Dublin Street. Loved it!

  14. Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture are my favorites!

  15. These are my favorite books!!! I love them!!

  16. If I Were You and Gabriel's Inferno

  17. The Opportunist!

  18. Lot's of favorite Indie books. Most recently enjoyed On Dublin Street.

  19. On Dublin Street seems to be a big favorite! I surprised no one picked Beautiful Disaster, or Thoughtless or Effortless! Those are my faves so far. The Opportunist is fantastic too. Cannot WAIT for Dirty Red!


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