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15 September 2012

Book Review: Trying To Score, Toni Aleo (Assassins BK 2)

Reading Level:New Adult
Publisher:Self-Published 4/11/12

The second book in Aleo's Assassin's series really delivers the punches. It has heartache, passion, true villainous characters and above all, a really kick-ass love story.

Fallen Parker is an 19 yo college student hanging out with friends at a bar, when she meets the extremely gorgeous Lucas Brooks, who just happened to be signed by a NHL team. They have a whirlwind romance that leaves both of them so much in love. However Fallon's heart is broken when she comes home to find Lucas in bed with her roommate. With her heart broken, she goes back to Tennessee with her tail between her legs and a secret that will forever haunt her.

Fast Forward nine years, Lucas has been traded to the Nashville Assassins, he too, has his secrets but when he sees Fallon, he wants to right all the wrongs that happened nine years ago. However, Fallon's secret could destroy their happily ever after.

Lucas, Lucas, Lucas. He is such a tortured soul. He's an addict, he feels responsible for his father's passing and with dyslexia, he's never learned to properly read. This guy wants to be loved and he has that in spades. You can't help but love him. He might have screwed up in the past, but he is doing everything can to right those wrongs, and Fallon just isn't having it. 

Fallon Parker is working for her family's wine company and is hoping to partner up with Nashville Assassins to help further promote her wines. When Lucas Brooks comes forward to be the face of the wines for the hockey team, Fallon is not happy. She needs to keep her professional life separate from her private life. Lucas has other plans, he wants back in Fallon's life and will go above and beyond to do that.

However, an 8 year old, Aiden Parker will throw Lucas' life into a tailspin. 

This installment was my favorite. I loved Lucas, tolerated Fallon at times. I understand wanting to be cautious and protect her son, but she really needed to listen to Lucas. She didn't know that he had a drug problem as he hid it quite well. One thing I noticed with this book, is how much stronger Aleo's writing is. Her pacing is spot-on and her plotting is done really well. She grabs you into the story and refuses to let you out until you're all wrung out. Her characters are either lovable or completely hate-able. Levi Moss is by far one of the worst villains I've ever read and that is saying something. Aleo is also really good at dropping hints at whose story will be coming up next. When Lucas starts being a father to Aiden, you know that he is the ONE for Fallon. All she needs to do is listen to her heart and ignore the outside influences. Aiden and Lucas' relationship is adorable.

I'm really hoping that someone picks up this series for publication so people can go into a real bookstore and buy a nice paperback (trade) of this book. It would be a great addition to your bookcase. Again, Aleo writes the hockey scenes with such aplomb that I can visualize the game happening.  If you have an e-reader and about $4, you can own this book too. Highly recommend!!!


  1. I loved Trying to Score even though Fallon got on my nerves sometimes. But what really made this book special was the interaction between Lucas and Aiden aka AJ. I love a good hero that can cry.


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