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13 September 2012

Book Review: Taking Shots, Toni Aleo

Reading Level:New Adult
Publisher:Self-Published 10/5/11

I can't remember how I found this book, I think it might've been mentioned on twitter or goodreads, but I'm glad I did find it. Toni Aleo writes with such passion and her storytelling is getting stronger with each book. This one is the first in what I hope is a long line of series. The hockey team is really the star of the show and Toni can write the best hockey scenes I've read to date. She's a true hockey fan (and hey, she loves the Bruins so she's awesome!)

Elli Fisher is a depressed, sad and lonely woman who is tired of the abuses she suffers at the hands of her family and the men in her life. When her uncle hires her to photograph the Lord Stanley Cup winning Nashville's Assassin's Hockey Team, of course she jumps at the chance. She's a huge hockey fan, and it doesn't hurt that her uncle owns the team!

Shea Adler is the hunky star of the team who is tired of the bumbling bimbos and unsatisfying sexual experiences. When he meets Elli, he instantly knows that this is a person that he wants to know. However, things become really complicated when Elli backs off and is afraid to allow Shea into her life. She's been a huge Shea Adler fan and kinda wears that on her sleeve, as in in her house and how she dresses for games. 

Elli has a sister who is the most despicable person on earth or wait, that might just be her mother. Both of them are horrible. When Elli's uncle gives her the team, she has to separate love and business and may just have to let Shea go because the two can't comingle.

Toni scores a hat trick with her three published books so far. I know that people are skittish about indie pubbed books out there, but there are so many good ones that I say give them a chance, I did and I'm happier for it. I've met a wonderful lady in Toni and I'm so happy that her books are doing so awesome. I had no problem giving this book 4 parasols because I just loved all the characters. Even if you're not a hockey fan, but you love a realistic romance, definitely get this book.

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