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05 September 2012

Book Review: Beautiful Disaster, Jamie McGuire

Reading Level:Mature Young Adult
Publisher:Atria 8/14/12 Paperback 

You can say I became addicted to the story. I've heard a lot of people hemming and hawing because of the theme of the book. But you know what to me it was like a fantasy. As much as women are independent and strive to be their own person, there is one tiny bit of us that wants to be wholly encompassed (or consumed in every way possible) by a guy. We want that bad boy with the tats who has his own fight club and is successful at it. There's something incredibly sexy with having a guy want to own you body and soul and isn't afraid to let everyone around them know it. Lot's of people will say that isn't a healthy relationship. Then again, what constitutes a healthy relationship? A peck on the cheek in the morning after coffee? Reading the newspaper with your partner before you both head off to work? Sometimes I think women want that tempestuous relationship (I know I did as teen, early 20s Had a very similar albeit dangerous relationship). Why is Twilight, 50 Shades, Bared to you so popular? I'm not a psychologist at all, but I think reading these books unleashes an inner fantasy. Women for some reason want to be taken cared of and in return wants to do the taking care of. Whether it's cleaning, cooking, or doing whatever needs to be done in the bedroom. Travis and Abby may not have the healthiest of relationships, but what they did have was fantastic.

Abby Abernathy is attending Eastern University to get away from her drunk mother and her down-on-his luck father. Who blames her for all the bad things that has happened to him. She attends with her best friend, America, who she hopes will keep her in line and away from the bad boys that she seems to attract. This Abby is turning a new page and will be a good girl. That is until she meets Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox. Who just so happens to be America's boyfriend's cousin. He's also a ragtag fighter in an underground fight club that he seems to be the king of. Once Travis has taken a liking to Abby it's no holds barred for him. That is until Abby finds herself attracted to Travis' fellow frat boy, Parker. A nice boy from a nice family who is looking to head to Harvard for medical school. Parker is everything that Travis isn't.

However, Abby has lost a bet to Travis and has agreed to stay with Travis for one month in his apartment. She agrees, but it becomes plain that Travis cooked up this bet as a way to keep Abby around (originally the hot water heater in her dorm broke so staying at Shep's and Travis' was a good idea). Abby finds her feelings conflicted for Parker and Travis. He dates with Parker have ended poorly because of Travis, so the two decide to wait until she is back in her dorm before going out again.

The beginning of the book is like a slow burn. You know that Abby is instantly and instinctively attracted to Travis, but she doesn't want someone like him. Once you figure out who Abby is and why this is no good for her you understand, but Travis' determination and stubbornness makes you root for him as well. I liked Parker, but I knew right off that he wasn't right for Abby.

One of my favorite parts of this book is Travis' nickname for Abby, Pigeon or Pidge. It just seemed natural and it was only for her. There are a ton of ups and downs and you wonder if these two are really made for each other. They both seem to enjoy drama and pain. Travis gets beat for a living and Abby is trying to escape her past which has to do with Vegas, mobsters and her sick father. (He's a former gambling legend.)

Another heart palpitating story. Some may not enjoy this book as much as I did, but like I stated in the beginning. It's a fantasy. Who doesn't want that bad boy who loves us with everything he has?

I'm definitely looking forward to Travis' version of the story. It'll be interesting to hear his take on things and now there is a movie in the works. I just hope they get the casting down. I have an idea as to how Travis looks, but it's not like any star, it's just something that I thought up in my own head.

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