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10 September 2012

A New Addiction

I've become addicted to stories that involve either a rock star or a sexy alpha-male hockey player! I cannot get enough of them! I mean it's bordering on ridiculous and I'm honestly looking forward to the Boston Bruins season.

I love music and I love sports, so I guess it's just a natural progression that I would find these stories that I absolutely love. It's kinda scary how I scour for them. I really need to blame Toni Aleo for my hockey addiction. She writes some of the best indie pubbed books out there. Her ASSASSINS series is amazing if I may say so. I'm gonna be reviewing those this week. So if you have a chance please look her up. She's amazingly sweet and I sorta owe her an apology. I thought I was helping her and I think I just upset her more than anything, but she is such a big fan of the sport and loves the Boston Bruins (and ladies, she's from Tennessee so it's the Predators for her. But Boston is her second favorite team!)

I've read another hockey book as well by Deirdre Martin (NY Blades series). I like this one, it's a bit different from Toni's series, but it's decent. I read the first two. For some reason Hockey players are seemingly so sexy to me. Let the Hockey season begin! (And I'm a huge American Football fan!)

Now let's get to the rock stars. OMG, I think it started with S.C. Stephen's THOUGHTLESS and then it continued with that sequel. Then I read THE ROCK STAR IN SEAT 3B. It was a cute story, but it didn't satisfy what I wanted. It wasn't until I found Olivia Cunning's THE SINNERS series that I was literally in heat over a book. This series is amazing. All the band members are amazing characters and you totally root for all of them to have their happily ever after, even if it takes them a while to find it.  Olivia can write herself out of a parking ticket, she's that good.

The next book I read and I've heard so much about was HOW TO KILL A ROCK STAR, by Tiffanie DeBartolo. Can I just say that this book blew. me. away. Paul... Paul... Paul Hudson... He's not your typical hero in fact, most people would be turned off by him, but there is something so sweet and so broken in him that you have to love him. Just like Eliza does. This book has an ending that you will never see coming. It's truly that amazing.

So right now I'm reading another amazing rock n' roll story. Oh boy, rock stars are tormented souls with so much talent that they don't know how to handle it and the fame and glory that comes with it. THE MIGHTY STORM, by Samantha Towle is fricken amazing. I'm not quite finished with it, but I have been reading non-stop today trying to get to the ending. I am soooooo impatient! Well I'm done with my post. Just wanted you to know what I've been up to. As you saw, I hit my 100 GR goal, so I upped the ante to 125. I think I can do it unless a bugger ass reading slump hits!

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