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23 August 2012


I know, I know! I've been lax at blogging lately. I've read so much this summer that I just haven't wanted to do anything else. I have a bunch of blog tours coming up and I hope I can keep up with that! It's just crazy!

I've also stepped out of my comfort zone and started reading some more mature novels. It's nice to get out of the YA genre for a little while. Although, I have read some fantastic YA reads this summer, I seem to be gravitating toward the new adult/mature young adult titles lately. Perhaps they satisfy my romantic need in me. I like the older young adult stories because they really seem to capture the essence of that time period in ones life. Being the mom of a nearly 22 year old, I see the struggles and the enjoyment that they share. It's not easy being the mom of a nearly 22 year because I'm only a few years older (HA!). Deep down, I still feel 17 and want to keep feeling this way. I did something this summer that kinda pissed off my hubby. I colored my hair (the undersides only) blue! I love it, but hubby was horrified. He thinks I'm too old to do something like this, but you know what? We have ONE life and I want to live it to the fullest. If coloring my hair makes me happy, then so be it! I'll be getting a touch up soon and might switch to purple. We'll see.

My little one will be heading into third grade on Tuesday. I've been struggling with her this summer because I just cannot get her to read her summer reading! You'd think with all the books and the nook that she has, she'd be reading up a storm. Nope. Nada. With books a huge part of my life, I just can't seem to tear her away from Spongebob, Phineas & Ferb and Shake it up! Oh throw in iCarly and Victorious. She has to read ONE Magic Tree House book by Mary Pope Osborne. We bought her the whole darn set for the Nook and she REFUSES. And she has a project that she has to finish before next Tuesday. So any ideas as to how to get  her to finally read without screaming, yelling and threatening would be very helpful. I can tell her no ice cream for dessert, but I don't think that's strong enough!

I'm kinda sad that summer is ending. It goes by so quickly and then it's fall and winter and I just don't want to deal with short days and long nights and the cold. I like the warmth and the sunshine and the long days (although it gets darker here in MA around 8ish now). I definitely deal with seasonal affective depression. It sucks. Hopefully great books will help me through and great readers of my blog. I'm still thinking of switching over to wordpress, just haven't given it much thought. I know I have books to send out too. I've been extremely lazy about that. I will send them out, soon. I promise.

Well I'm getting ready to hit the gym. I still have a bunch of weight to lose and I'm hoping to go to Vegas this October with the hubs for his bday. We need some time away!

Hope everyone had a great summer filled with wonderful books and for those of you heading back to school, good luck and don't be a stranger!

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