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19 June 2012

Book Review: Starters, Lissa Price

Reading Level:Young Adult
Publisher:Delacourte Books for Young Adults 3/13/12
A new Dystopian that really works. Callie is on the run with her sickly 7 year old brother and another squatter, Michael. Who may or may not have feelings for Callie. Because they are unmarked, and they are Starters (Spore Wars killed off anyone between the ages of 20-60), they are either used for nefarious means or killed because they are a waste of space.

The only thing that will save Callie and her brother and even Michael, is if she signs on with Prime Destinations. A company that allows the Enders (anyone over the age of 60) to borrow a starters body to do what they can no longer do. During this part of the book it was very Total Recall, which could have been an inspiration as well as being in line for flu shot at Costco (Lissa Price's story).

Because Callie is gorgeous, she will be highly sought out and she will earn the money that will save her broken family. But then things get complicated when Callie wakes up, her neurochip malfunctioning and she realizes that she remembers part of her Renter's world.

A mystery enfolds and Callie gets deeper and deeper in the world of the older ones who rent out the bodies. Somehow, Callie's renter can communicate to her and wants her to kill the Senator who may be behind the cause of the renter's missing granddaughter.

I was on edge with this book because it was so good. The world building was very well done, and Lissa really took her time creating nuances that you could see and feel. I like that about a book when I can get carried away and envision myself right there beside the character. The cover of the book plays an important part in the story, so pay attention to it. It's quite fascinating.

There is a bit of a love story thrown in and it's really sweet, but when Callie's life is found out, everything she knew is ripped away from her. Heartbreaking to say the least, but hopefully a sequel will play that out. If your looking for a good book that won't take you to long to read, I suggest this one. You'll love Callie. I did.

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