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28 June 2012

Book Review: Angelfall, Susan EE

Reading Level:Young Adult
Publisher:Feral Dream, LLC (soon by Amazon Children's Pubs) 2/28/12

For a book that did not go through the traditional publisher route, this is about as perfect as they come. The writing is tight, the editing is above anything I've read and the story is amazing. Yep, I absolutely loved this book and was lucky to meet the author at BEA. She was amazing and beautiful and yeah, said we won't get a sequel until 2014!! I know! I was heartbroken. I told her to write faster and she said she was trying.

So let's get to the story. It's been six weeks since a fierce battle and angels sent from heaven have been sent down to destroy civilization. There's also good angels and bad, but it's hard to tell who is really good. Every Angel has their own motives.

Penryn, her mother and her disabled sister are trying to escape their condo to get away from the Angels who have come to rid the earth of humans. During their escape they come across a nasty fight between said angels where one of the Angels wings is ripped out from him. After the other Angels have finished destroying one of their own, they take Penryn's sister and fly off to parts unknown. Penryn enlists the help of the damaged Angel to take her on a journey that will be self-discovery about everything she's ever known.

Penryn is a flawed character and that improves her so much. Pen's mom is crazy, Paige is disabled possibly by her mother's hand and Pen is trying to keep her family together but it is destroying her. Because her mother is so unpredictable, she had to take self-defense lessons which come in quite handy when she is trying to locate  her sister. Pen takes care of the injured Angel until he can give her the information she needs to find her sister. The damaged Angel agrees to help Pen but he is not happy about it and only wants his wings back. He introduces himself as Raffe from there on, they go on twisted road trip with so many different paths that I had no clue where this could end up. The relationship between Raffe and Pen is bubbling with sexual tension. While at an 'Angel' nightclub, Raffe needs to 'protect' Penryn by flanking her with his body. And what a scene it was! But his retort, "I still don't like you." sizzles with promises.

I was completely breathless reading this book and cannot wait for the sequel which I told won't be released until 2014! Which is completely unacceptable. I want this now. Especially with the way this installment ended. I need more Penryn and Raffe! Like now!


  1. Wow, sounds fantastic. Of course, I've seen it around, but with you I know that angel books really can be hit or miss. Think I'll really enjoy this one. Great review!


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