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10 June 2012

BEA Books

Well here is the post with the pictures of books that I snagged at BEA. I have a few duplicates that I will be giving away within the next couple of weeks. Right now I have The Darkest Minds contest going on so make sure to enter that. The next contest going up will be Magisterium by Jeff Hirsch who wrote The Eleventh Plague. It's not signed. If I grabbed a book, I generally didn't stand on line for signings, because you get another book and well, carrying said books gets really heavy. I did bring a suitcase and checked it in so I could dump books when it became the shoulder bags became so heavy.

One thing about this year at BEA was the amount of finished copies I received. Usually the pubs just give away ARCs or bound galleys, but as you can see from the far left column of books, I have seven finished copies. Yeah, they're very heavy.

Um, yeah, these stacks are crazy. As you can tell I cut off the top not willingly, but because I just couldn't get the stacks all in one picture! The far right column of books are the giveaway books. Hubby actually came up with a good idea and said I should've created a list of books that I grabbed and crossed it off so I wouldn't end up with duplicates. But in all honesty, it's easy to forget what book you took and what you thought you took. Hence, the ending up with duplicates or even triplicates! (Which kinda sucks because, yeah, I have to carry them!)

Here's a better picture of the stacks. Some of my favorite books that I got are Fallen Kingdoms, The Farm, Shadows, Crewel, Throne of Glass, For Darkness Shows the Stars, The Darkest Minds, Altered, Eve & Adam. I made sure to pick out some books for my 8 yo as well. They had so many middle grade books just for the taking that I really couldn't pass that up. To see her face when I brought them home was priceless. I also picked her up a HUGE Reeses Peanut Butter Cup from the Hershey Store. ONE POUND of chocolate peanut butter goodness. When I say that it is huge, I am not lying!

BEA was a blast and I had so much fun meeting up with bloggers that I tweet with and having people recognize my blog was just incredibly humbling. I was invited to so many after parties or breakfasts. I would really have to say meeting my publishing contacts was really awesome. Putting a face to a name really makes them more human and not just an e-mail. I was so excited to meet my Little Brown contact at the SoHo Press party and when she told me she knew my blog and she worked for LB, I knew exactly who she was. I had a great time meeting her roommate and her neighbor, who I've been told is a fantastic cook (I've already invited myself over for dinner! :-p).

The one downside to BEA? I gained back 5lbs. Even with all the walking and carrying of books, did nothing to keep the weight off. So tomorrow it's back to tracking everything I put in my mouth and working out at the gym extra hard to get these 5lbs off. It amazes me how easy it is to gain it back and how difficult it will be to lose it. Sigh. I'm going to leave you with the Slaughtered Lamb picture that is right above. I'll point out the people in the photo.

from left to right: Devyn Burton, Jeremy West, Gretchen McNeil, Scott Tracey, Steven Cordero, Leah Clifford
Gail Yates, not sure who is beside her, Tiffany Schmidt, Karsten Knight, Zoraida Cordova, Me, Courtnesy Allison Moulton, Jeff (don't remember last name) and Jeffrey West. (I always get the twins backwards, so I could be wrong!)

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