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29 April 2012

How does this sound?


I've been thinking about moving my blog over to wordpress.  But I was also thinking of rebranding my blog.  I've done Laura's Review Bookshelf now for 4 years and I'm just ready for a new and unique change.  I've contacted Lori from Imagination Designs to redo a blog for WP.  I'm excited but also very nervous about this.  I read through Lori's link she wrote when she switched over and although it calmed me down, it still caused me to question if I'm doing the right thing.

Now I would move everything over from blogger to WP, but I would change my blog title.  I've been thinking of some names for a young adult blog.  My hubby has NEVER been a fan of Laura's Review Bookshelf.  He thinks it's a mouthful.  So I came up with Simply YA Books. I've already created a WP blog with that name but am keeping it private until I decide if this is the route that I will definitely go. I'd like to make this a really exciting blog and hopefully garner new friends to it.

So I'm kinda asking my followers what do you think of moving and rebranding? Please let me know in the comments.


  1. I think moving is a great idea if you are tech savvy enough to do it. I totally would, but I'd have to pay someone to do it. And then what about my almost 800 GFC followers? And why is Wordpress so much better? I just need to know more of the benefits before I take those risks.

  2. Well I know that GFC followers don't come over, but your RSS followers do. I'd probably have my hubby do it. I've been with Blogger for a while and personally getting a bit tired with all the problems.

  3. It seems like wp is way more popular, but I don't know enough about it to be much help! I like the idea of a new name, though- gotta agree with Bill on that.

  4. I use wordpress! I've waffled on whether or not it was the right blog to go with in the past, but now that I've learned more about how to use it, I really like it. You can customize SO much of it--I made my own design for it, though I did use a program (Artisteer) so I didn't have to deal with/learn all the technical details. (Not that I couldn't learn them, but having to learn everything seemed so overwhelming that I wouldn't have gotten started otherwise.) And if you have someone designing it for you, then you won't have to worry about that stuff either.

    You can customize your blog so that your homepage is either your blog, or a static page if you want it to be more like a website, then pick a different page to be the blog. And you can customize individual pages to either have your sidebars or to leave them out. And it's super easy to add widgets and things.

    I say go for it! :D

  5. Sounds great! I personally can't stand Wordpress! It's so clunky and awkward to work out compared to simple blogger haha. >.<
    Make sure you paste the link on this blog though so we can follow your new blog!

    ComaCalm's Corner

  6. that's a tough call. I've thought about moving to WP adn also changing my blog. I lost my identity somewhere along the way and need to get it back. I would love to move to WP because it seems more powerful. My issues would be finding a host and securing a domain name. I will be watching how you do this and hope you blog about the whole process, including the rebranding.

  7. I did it and don't regret it at all. I bought my own domain and hosting though.

    Rebranding yourself is a big deal. I say pick something you're completely comfortable with and won't need to rebrand in a few years. Your title of Simply YA Books is very specific. What if you start reading adult romance or memiors in a few years (unlikely but it could happen!)?

    That's why I went with The Cozy Reader -- it's generic and I can review any book!

    I like Lori's designs so I'm excited for you!


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