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24 April 2012


For someone who does not like to deal in drama, I certainly jumped in head first today.  This is not me.  Please do not think that I normally do this.  Today I was angry and pissed.  I don't condone what I did and regret doing it at all. You never hit the person who is already down.  Bad on me.


  1. Remove the letter, Laura, it's the decent thing to do. You didn't feel compelled to defend its recipient *publicly* when the letter was received, posting it now is incredibly self-serving and unfair. (I'll repeat, it wasn't yours to post)

  2. My own personal jiminy cricket... I have a feeling I know who this is.

    1. Oh! Also wanted you to know if you thought this was me, I don't post anything anon. I think its cowardly.

  3. My god why comment if you're going to do it anonymously. Grow some balls.

  4. I'm sort of appalled that I need to be--you are better than this, I know you are.

  5. Don't be afraid to post your opinion! I wish I was as courageous when making my Story Siren post and offered more of my opinion, but I wanted to stay impartial, as hard as it's getting now, with all the posts.

    By the way, about the other post you made, here's what I meant to say but never got to:

    "Wow. That's an eleven-year-old. I'm twelve and now I feel really bad about myself because I thought that Kristi said it was okay to request for ARCs or review copies. I mean, I send requests only starting a few months ago and only send them every other month to a few select publishers, and I really hope that's not too much. I get that maybe that blogger could've been excessing it, but let him/her down easy, or don't even write the email if he/she wasn't pushing it too bad. Something more like "You might not have known this before, and I get that completely, but it's considered a little rude to ask for ARCs and finished copies excessively. Could you please try and avoid doing that next time?"

    When I made my Story Siren post, I remained impartial because I have NEVER found ANY reason at all to hate somebody. I have NEVER hated somebody and I have NEVER believed that somebody deserved to be hated. And after reading that letter, I still can't find it in my heart to hate Kristi. I'm really saddened and so disappointed that Kristi could say that, albeit with the help of others, but I still can't hate her or lash out. Maybe it's because I've been in bad places and I have Tiger Parents who will push me to the point of breaking. Maybe it's because I've always believed that there's a reason behind somebody's actions. Or maybe it's because I'm just too young to be capable of those feelings.

    But I can tell you one thing: I was at the point of tears reading that letter because I never thought that somebody could be called on like that for being a tween book blogger. I have always thought that all book bloggers out there were really nice, but sometimes we can get a little opinionated and angry, but I always thought that we were easy-going people who were a great community. Now I just don't know what to think."

    I hope you liked my comment, and I didn't find anything wrong with you posting the letter! It was totally fine! :)

  6. No, don't feel sorry for posting that. Here is why when people stay quiet about the injustice and the wrong others do they contribute to that person doing even more wrong. When someone behaves badly and refuses to rectify their conduct they can't really complaint when people complaint about them. You can't just bully people and expect them to be nice to you and keep quiet. Good for you for expressing your opinion.

    What you posted especially bother me because of the fact that the girl is 11, she is a kid and a wonderful teaching moment was lost. I normally don't post at all and especially in this kind of drama, but that was just too much. I really don't care how this whole thing started. There is a way to handle when someone is being bullied and this wasn't it. The story siren is an ADULT, not the other 11 year old child or involved in any way into this. To those that insisted that she wrote this letter, shame on you!

    If authors were so tired of this girl harassing them, there is a simple way to fix that. Block her. If others bloggers were tired of hearing about her simply do the same. To go on an insist that someone sent a letter to this child just to teach her how things work, it's not only stupid but it shows the same kind of immaturity that the 11 year old was showing. I'm flabbergasted at the level of condescension and superiority that she used to address an 11 year old child. Did the letter accomplished anything? I have my doubts because nobody, doesn't matter if you are 11 or 50 likes to be talk to in such matter.

    If this was a kid problem why the hell did an adult get involved? To be honest most of the times is because adults want to feel superior and want to be seen as the ones representing something. We woman love to be seen as the queenie bee, it's something many need to be work on. Needless to say such ideas only come insecure people who constantly need to denigrate others to feel good about themselves. And guess what that is one of the many ways of bullying...

    Don't feel sorry for calling her out on something that was wrong. Keeping the silence doesn't help anyone.


  7. She was down - and good. She did something wrong and should condone for her actions - which she hasn't. I hate the blogger hierachy. I would advise you delete the post and keep quiet - this will blow over in a couple of days. :)

    ComaCalm's Corner

  8. I said this on DF's site, I'm waiting for the badges to come out on which side was picked by everyone.


    You have nothing to feel bad about. What Kristi did was wrong, not only wrong it was illegal! I'm getting sick of all the poor SS shit too.

  9. Every1 can c u have a vendetta against TSS. Jealousy doesnt look good on u.

  10. I'm happy with this apology :) What you did freaked me out, I really hate seeing so much hate anywhere. I've made my sentiments about TSS open on Tumblr :) You freaked me out but I can see it was spur of the moment and we are all guilty of that.

  11. I didn't get to see the letter but I get the gist of it. I don't think you'e post was all that bad. I've read a lot of posts about this issue and I don't think that many people are supporters of what she did. In the heat of anger it's hard to put a filter on and step back for a minute before opening up. I'm sure we've all learned a lot from this and will forever be respectful of our actions and each others actions.


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