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05 January 2012

City of Lost Souls cover

Honestly, I wasn't sure if this was a real cover
or if it was a very good fan-made one.  But I guess
it was revealed yesterday on USA Today (which I 
never seem to peruse).  I guess I'm just used to
EW getting the cover reveals.

I really like this cover.  Clary looks exactly how I pictured her,
but Jace is looking too much like Alex Pettyfer.  Not at all
how I pictured Jace.  I'm definitely looking forward to the
next book and you can even get a sneak peek of a scene
involving Simon (my favorite character!) right here.

So dear readers, what are you thoughts on the cover.  Do you like? Not Like?

Sound off in the comments!


  1. I agree with you about Jace & the excerpt was great.


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