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06 January 2012

Book Breakups - 4

Book Breakup was created by Lori at Pure Imagination.  Address below!

Book Breakup #1
Stephanie Plum Series, Janet Evanovich
I devoured these books about four years ago, until I hit book 12 and then I just got tired of the same formula.  As much as I love Stephanie, Grandma Mazur, Ranger, Joe and Lula, I just couldn't take the same story line over and over again.  I really hate the dragging out of who Stephanie will pick (Ranger or Joe).  Personally, Joe is the one for her. But I think Janet E likes writing the Ranger sex scenes.  I'm interested to see the movie and I think there's been enough time for me to pick up Book 13.  We'll see.

Book Breakup #2
Anything by V.C Andrews and Ghost Writers
I read these books in 1979 when they first came out and they were scandalous and amazing.  My mom is the one who gave me the first book and I was hooked.  I read V.C. Andrews voraciously until she died in 1986.  Then her books started popping up years later.  Continuations of books I'd read while she was still alive.  They just did not compare and you could tell that it wasn't the same writer.  Twenty-four years after her death her books are still coming out.  I find it kind of creepy.  Just like I find this cover extremely creepy.  If you know the story, this cover is just not right!  The true V.C. Andrews books are great, the ghostwritten ones, not so much.

Do you have any book breakups you want to discuss?  I'd love to hear what you've read and just can't continue on with!


  1. omg that cover is so wrong!!!!! (Is it weird to say though that I really did like the book when I first read it?)

    Re: falling out of love with the Stephanie Plum books. I think that that's a valid problem with a lot of series. To me, it feels that some authors don't know where the series needs to end, so they keep pushing and pushing and basically ruin what readers loved in the earlier books (Laurel K. Hamilton, I'm looking at you).



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