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09 December 2011

Book Review: Clockwork Prince, Cassandra Clare

Reading Level:     Young Adult 

Hardcover:          502 Pages 

Publisher:            Margaret K. McElderry, Dec. 6, 2011

Parasols:             4

I was at BEA when the unveiling of the cover was done.  The place was packed and they weren't even giving away advance copies of the book!  That was a bit of a bummer.  I remember thinking I wasn't overly thrilled with the cover.  Everyone was buzzing that it was Jem, but I thought his hair looked too dark.  I guess I always picture more like Lucius Malfoy's color.  Anyhoo, that is such a minute point.  So I'm not a fan of the cover, let's move on.

It's what is between the cover and back that is oh-so-important.  I just have three words: I loved it!  The story takes place not too long after the events of Clockwork Angel, so we jump in headfirst.  Will is avoiding Tessa; Tessa is spending more time with Jem and Charlotte is about the lose the Institute.  Jessamine is up to something and spends a lot of time with headaches.

We lost our beloved Thomas and Agatha, so we are brought new servants who are trained to fight if the need arises.  Cyril, Thomas' brother is come as is Bridget, the lonely-ballad singing cook.  Spoiler alert: I think we need to pay attention to the songs that Bridget sings, they may be important. We learn a lot about Will and why he pushes everyone away.  In what is probably one of the most saddest reveals.  I know I just wanted to give Will Herondale a big ole hug.  Jem seems to flourish around Tessa, his disease is still there, but it takes a backseat in this installment.  Just a few of his outbursts of coughing.

Benedict Lightwood (obviously some relation to the Lightwood's in The Mortal Instrument series), has decided that a woman is not able to run the Institute so he finagles to become the leader of the London Shadowhunters.  He has asked the Consul to give Charlotte two weeks to find Axel Mortmain (aka Magister).  Of course, Lightwood knows that this a fools errand and will not be succesful.  While installing his two sons, Gideon and Gabriel, as the chief instructors of Tessa and Sophie in the art of fighting at the institute, to arguable spy on them.

Gideon takes a fancy to the beautiful, yet scarred Sophie.  While Gabriel just works with Tessa and tries to make life miserable for Will.  Will has done something to Gabriel in the past that Gabe just can't seem to let go of.  For all of the training they do, I never really saw anyone learning anything.  Some minor moves, but that's just about it.  However, what Gabe has taught Tessa will come in handy when she needs it.

The triangle is building to a slow boil.  There is a scene in which people get tangles in bedsheets and then a crash of some sorts.  We have a masquerade ball where two people are under the influence of warlock powders and have a snog fest on the balcony.

We meet Ragnor Fell, Woolsey and of course, Magnus Bane is there.  I love Magnus.  Magnus' role in CP is definitely much bigger, we see him pining for Camille and Will.  (I believe in one of the TMI books, Magnus compares Alec to Will. hmmmm...)

I find as I read these books I want to know the family tree of all of these characters, how are they related.  Jocelyn is a Fairchild (Charlotte is a Fairchild and Jocelyn is Henry's middle name). I know that Jocelyn dropped Valentine's name when she left him. Stephen Herondale and Cecile are Jace's parents.  We have the Lightwoods and we have the Waylands.  I just find the whole history and world building fascinating.  If not a bit confusing.

We still don't know what or who Tessa is.  She gathers no answers in her showdown and alas, we must wait for next year to find out anything else.  But we will see a baby and perhaps a wedding!?!


  1. I assume like Jace, Will has a sad back story. I can't wait to find out! Glad the book carries on the greatness from book one. :)


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