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08 December 2011

Book Review: Beautiful Days, Anna Godberson

Reading Level:     Young Adult 

Hardcover:          368 Pages 

Publisher:            Harper/Alloy Ent. , Sept. 20, 2011

Parasols:             3

I adore Anna Godberson's writing.  I love how she really takes you into the story and makes you become part of the book.  Her writing is that good.  She can take a mediocre story and still make you enjoy it for the most part.

There are things that bothered me with this installment - not enough action.  Not enough tension.  Too much talking.  Things were happening, but we weren't seeing it.  Astrid and Charlie just don't excite me.  Cordelia and Max don't excite me.  Now Cordelia and Thom, two star-crossed lovers?  They excite me.  Same with Letty and Grady.  Those two excite me as well.  I want to see good things happen to them. 

I tried to like this book, very much so.  But I have to say that Jillian Larkin's series, Flapper does a bit more with the excitement and thrill of the time period.  Max' reveal that he is bi-racial didn't really mean much to me because I'm not invested in him. It's not like the relationship between Glo and Jerome, where you know those two love each other so much, but they just can't be with each other because of the great racial divide.

I thought this book ended on a so-so ending.  It bored me.  We didn't see enough of Thom.  I really didn't care that Astrid was kidnapped.  She was grating on my nerves.  I only hope that the third book in this series is more action-packed.


  1. Sorry to hear this one was a let down. I haven't read anything in this series yet, but I do love historical settings. But I'll probably skip it for now if the follow up books weren't as awesome as the sequel.

    Thanks for the honest review!



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