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02 December 2011

Anniversary Trivia #7

Slow cover reveal #5.  I think this is really obvious now!

"Rethink your view of good and evil in this modern-day delightful and unusual novel. Amazing characters, superpowers, super heroes, super villains... what more can you ask for? "--Sab (Ya Bliss) (taken from Goodreads)
"I had heard awesome things about this book last year and I never got around to reading it. I won a copy a while back and was glad to finally have time to pick it up. I knew it was about heroes and villians when starting it and found it engaging me from the first page."--Kristen (taken from Goodreads) 

Author Triva!!!

Q:  Did you always want to write novels?

A:  Pretty much.  I remember a brief period before I could read when I thought I wanted to be an acrobat, but I also remember making my mom join my books clubs I made.  The only catch was I couldn't actually read yet, so I had to ask her how to spell every word in the books I was writing, which is really kind of a spoiler.

Q:  Was D's name always D?

A:  Yes!  And... no.  When I first started working on the book, I did a lot of prewriting, where basically I was just writing nonsense and whatever I felt like--kind of like journal entries from the MC's perspective--until I got a feel for the world and characters.  For most of that writing (about 35k), Damien had no name at all.  It seems crazy now that there's that big a chunk of writing somewhere on my hard drive where he's nameless.

Tomorrow I have a special guest will be taking over the blog and I really think you'll enjoy what he has to say!  Remember the special prize is a marked-up, SIGNED copy of the mystery sent by the terrific author!  Can you guess who the author is?  Do you have any questions for said author?  Post them here today and I will get them to the author!  Also tomorrow is my 4th year of blogging!  I can't believe how fast the time has gone.  I've read some great and not so great books.  I also have a great time letting you know what's on my mind and talking books, of course!


  1. haha, yeah, I totally think I guessed right!

    I really am loving these slow reveals and the snippets of interview from the author. It's definitely getting me excited to check this book out. And, ya know, learn what book it *is*.



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