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03 November 2011

Fan Fiction, Published...

So I'm reading Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star.  It's not the most brilliant piece of literature in fact, I wouldn't even call it mediocre.  But there is something about this story that brings me back to my days of writing Jane Austen fan fiction (in 1997 through 2000).  We all fell in love with A&E/WGBH's Pride & Prejudice starring Colin Firth as Darcy (who I thought was horribly miscast prior to seeing it) and a very unknown American actress Jennifer Ehle (She was born in North Carolina and grew up in England).

Now I'm not going to say that my stories were very good, in fact, when I reread them now I cringe.  But I would never, ever try to get one published.  I wrote it for fun and it was posted on a webpage for Austen addicts.  There were plenty of writers who were so much better than I was (Cheryl K., Genette, Annie, Lise, Spring, Ann2,).  I had fun and it was fun getting comments to correspond with the chapter that was posted.  Oh, nothing was edited or beta'd and usually I would throw something in that was totally unbelievable.  Like when I beheaded Elizabeth and Darcy's daughter, Kimberley.!

But as I read Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star.  I wonder what prompted this author to publish this?  Did she ever show up on or  Did she write it on there first?  The copy I'm reading is a horrible e-copy that is filled with errors, but like a bad train wreck, I cannot stop reading it.  It's cheesy, it's horribly edited and everyone is horny!  I remember at one point during the fan fiction days, people were writing about Darcy slamming down brandy after brandy.  Really?  Who can slam those down? Or people would paint Darcy as Shy.  Darcy. Is. Not. Shy!  He is haughty, perhaps a bit conceited, but shy is not his problem.

People want to see their favorite characters have sex.  Darcy and Elizabeth must have some crazy sex!  Jane and Charles must have some crazy sex! and Caroline must be all alone in her corner wearing some version of orange!  Really?   Do we really need to be jaded when it comes to Austen's writings?  Is Darcy a virgin? He's  28 years old when we meet him.  We know that Lydia gets some action (the slut!).  How much does Austen imply and how much do we ingest and runaway with our fantasies?  Andrew Davies (wrote the screenplay) made Darcy a sexual being whereas Austen didn't really.  We get his wit and wisdom when he verbally spars with Elizabeth at Netherfield during Jane's illness (HUGE plot device).  When Darcy first enters the story, he insults Elizabeth, not realizing that she has overheard and can laugh at it.  Elizabeth is never described as a great beauty, but she has a sturdy body and sprite mind.  And the author never, ever calls our heroine Lizzy.  That is only saved for her family.  She is always Elizabeth or Miss Elizabeth with Caroline calling her Miss Eliza.

You're probably saying, "what is this chick rambling about"?  I just had that same thought too.  I've read P&P so many times that at times I feel like I could recite parts of it.  As much as I love the characters and I'll read bastardizations of the story, I still feel like I should defend the original.  Should fan fiction stories be published? Either self-published or traditional publishing?  Is this something that you will read even if it's a train wreck, but there is something there just keeps making you come back?


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