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04 November 2011

Book Breakups - 1

This meme was started by Lori at Pure Imagination who also designed my blog!  I fell in love with this meme and asked her if I could start one as well, and she was so kind that she said yes and said I could use her image as well!

I thought maybe I'd do two books a week.

Book Breakup #1
The House of Night Series, PC & Kristin Cast
I struggled through the first book, it really picked up with books 2-4, but by book 5, I wanted to tear my eyeballs out.  The writing was subpar, the tone and themes were completely ridiculous and I just couldn't take Zooey anymore.  I reviewed book 5 Hunted back in March of 2009.  It was probably the first review that I really just let it all out and ranted about how bad it was.  It was quite freeing to write that as well, and I think it proved that I am not afraid to take a popular series and say what is wrong it.

Book Breakup #2 
Chime, Franny Billingsley                                                                                   I probably got about 150 pages into this book and it bored me.  I know that there is some controversy regarding this book and Lauren Myracle's Shine because of the whole National Book Award fiasco, but honestly, I just didn't see what they saw in this story.  Everyone was wackadoodle and I honestly couldn't see where it was going.  I was told I was getting a witch story, but that's not what really happened.  It was more about a young teenager going slightly crazy and taking me with her.  No thanks!

So what do you think of my book breakups?  Was I crazy to break up with them? Should I revisit them again?


  1. Stay strong -- break-up happen for a reason. I have some too - people try to tempt me back but I stay strong!

  2. Chime was wretched, I'd break up with it over and over. Blegh. However, I am a house of night girl. Stark <3

  3. Did you know the movie rights to the House of Night series have been bought?? There could possibly be a terrible movie based on those atrocious books.

  4. I almost gave up 150 pages into Chime but I'm glad I didn't because all the insane freakiness mad sense in an awesome way at the end! ;)

  5. Cool meme! The last book I "broke up" with was probably A Prayer for Owen Meany. I like John Irving as a person (got to see him speak once and he's an amazing reader!!!), but this book was just so heavy, I couldn't slog through it. I also recently gave up on the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. When the MC spent 50 pages bitching about how bored he was, I realized I was, too.



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