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11 October 2011

Reading again

I've managed to read Lost in Time by Melissa de la Cruz while on the airplane to Arizona over the weekend.  I enjoyed the book, but after six of them, it's time to stop with the cliffhangers! (that's my personal opinion!).  I've also started Abbi Glines, Breathe, which I am enjoying immensely.  I like books that are just about normal people who seem to have a connection with each other.

There are so many great books coming out soon that I'm sure to be overwhelmed again with everything.  I haven't been receiving many from publishers, which honestly has been a good thing.  I'm sorta overwhelmed with what I have!

I did want to bring up what former agent and now current CNET employee Nathan Bransford has blogged about and that is blog fatigue.  I definitely feel like I'm going through it.  There are so many YA bloggers that I feel like I get lost in the etherworld.  I try to review books in a way that will not offend the author, but yet will get my point across to the reader.  Obviously, reviews are subjective.  Again, just because I don't like or love a book doesn't necessarily mean you will feel the same.  Has anyone ever really taken Roger Eberts reviews to heart and boycotted a movie because he didn't give it two thumbs up?  I hardly doubt it.

But to get back to blogger fatigue.  I definitely feel it and see it when everyone reviews the same book the same week.  Now grant it, it's probably a fluke that it happens, but really how many reviews of one books can we take?

I read so many books, and generally, one right after another, that I completely forgotten what I've read!  My brain is not a sponge anymore, but more like an abyss.  It all gets lost.  Even books I absolutely love!  I know, I know, I should write down my thoughts, but when I'm reading I just don't think of it.  Plus, I was never much of a note taker.

I hope people enjoy my blog when I do post something.  I try to do something different from everyone else.  I hope everyone is having a great Fall.  Comment and let me know what you're reading!  I'm interested in hearing that!


  1. You know that expression, "Don't let anything take your joy away?" That's how I feel about blogging. Sure we book bloggers are like one in a zillion these days. But who cares, right? I blog for me and to record my relationship with books 'cause like you my memory can only hold so much. I say when you're fatigued, slow down and grab something simply because it tickles your fancy.


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