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Back To Good by Laura McCarthy Benson

Back To Good

by Laura McCarthy Benson

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31 August 2011


In the world of SKYSHIP, most of the United States is covered in what is called the Fringes.  This vast desert is loyal to neither the Skyship Community nor the Unified Party. It’s filled with rebels who have been cast out of the government system and live a difficult life in rotting Fringe Towns, enduring temperatures well over triple digit. 

Because it comprises the vast majority of the country, most Pearls fall in the Fringes. This makes it a natural battlefield for Skyshippers and Unified Party Pearlhounds, who both seek to capture these precious objects. Throughout the years, there have been small uprisings in the Fringes, usually aimed at the Unified Party’s Chosen Cities. Unfortunately, Fringers are not well organized. These events usually go unnoticed by the government, though the Unified Party certainly keeps an eye on what’s happening beyond their borders. Fringers are unhappy, and they won’t stay silent for long.

Author’s Inspiration: When I wrote this book, I was living in Central Washington. Coming from the coast, it was the first time I had lived in a drier, more desert-like climate. I love the idea of contrasting some of the book’s higher-technology moments with something very rough--kind of a sci-fi/western hybrid. 

Terms to know:

Fringe Townthere are thousands of ghost towns littering the post-bombings America, but not all are truly abandoned.

Fringers those who live in the Fringes

Surface Tan/Surface Stroke - most Fringers’ skin is dark and blistered from continual exposure to the sun. Surface Stroke is a deadlier, more serious form of the tan.

  • Clue #1: 

    • As part of the Skyship Academy: The Music feature last month, a character playlist was given for many characters in the book. On Wednesday of that week, two songs were featured for Avery Wicksen. Fill in the blank number in the running time of her second song. That will be your piece of the coordinates for the day. RUNNING TIME: 3 minutes, 1_ seconds
    What you can win: A supplemented copy of the book with a bonus Skyship diagram and bonus chapter or annotations. 

    How the clues work:  Throughout the next nine days and 15 stops, there will be 8 clues scattered on the blogs.  Make sure you go to every stop on the tour so you can find the clues. These clues spell out a secret coordinate and you need this coordinate so you can win on the last stop of the tour.

    First Stop: Day 1 Post: 10 Things You Didn't Know About SKYSHIP at

    First stop for Day 2 Post tomorrow at

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