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05 August 2011

Reading Genres

I've been wanting to do a post on the different genres within young adult books.  There are so many different ones lately and I find that I tend to stick to one genre to the point that I get totally sick of it and need something different as a palate cleanser.  Sort of like a pickled ginger to my sushi!

As you can tell from my list of books I have read this year I am on a Paranormal kick.  Within the paranormal: Vampires, Werewolves, Faeries, and everything else that falls into that.  Vampires will always be my first love.  When I was four years old (about a million years ago), my babysitter took me and her sister (two years older) and a friend to a local movie theatre.  This was a glorious theatre with real King Louis XVI chairs!  I can remember it like it happened yesterday!  Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the movie, but it was a vampire movie and I remember everyone hiding under the chairs when the vampire bit the neck of his beautiful victim.  But not me, I was enthralled!  So since then, I've been a vampire girl.

I'm not a huge fan of werewolves.  Although I think Wolves are beautiful animals, the whole transformation seems and sounds painful.  I like the faeries because they can glamour and look absolutely beautiful even though beneath the glamour are terrifying things.  I love it.

Ah, Angels.  Who doesn't like angels! They are heavenly and bring only good from heaven, unless you are an fallen angel and then you are a romantic character who falls in love with the main character.

Some people can't seem to get past the whole paranormal aspect, they cannot suspend believability to understand that you are just supposed to get lost in the story and transport your brain into the pages.  I love getting lost in a good paranormal book. Whether it be romance, horror, or urban fantasy.

After I get tired of my Vamps, Wolves and Fae, sometimes a good simple love story is what I need.  Just two young adults who like each other and fall in love simply and slowly.  How romantic is that in a world where so much is going on on a daily basis!  Don't you love to just get into a good romance and sigh when he brings his lips to brush against hers softly, but doesn't deepen it?  How just a simple touch can explain everything that words cannot?

I am so happy that there are so many options for young adults to read.  And I'm glad that I'm an adult that adores young adult titles.  Some people don't understand that titles really mean nothing and if it's a good story, anyone can enjoy it.  I get a bit peeved when adults say they won't read young adult books because it's beneath them.  Some of these books are written so perfectly that they are missing out on a tightly written story!

Dystopian is another genre that is booming and some of the dystopians out there are simply amazing.  The Hunger Games serier, The Gone Series, Chaos Walking Series, these are all brilliantly realized stories that pull you into a world that you want to know about, but can't wait to get out of.

So many choices, not enough time! :)


  1. I'm totally a vampire girl but I like werewolves to it all depends on how the author tells the story.

    Ya Book Haven

  2. I think the diversity in YA doesn't get enough press. Thanks for this great post!


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