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09 August 2011

Book Review: Crossed, Ally Condie

Reading Level:      Young Adult 

Hardcover:           384 Pages 

Publisher:             Dutton 11/1/11

Parasols:                  2

Crossed takes place a few months (?) after Matched has ended.  Cassia has been at several different work camps and tries to get to the outer provinces to find Ky, her soul mate.  With the help of Xander, she manages to get on a airship that will plop her down right where she wants and exactly where Ky was until he took off.

I finished this book last night and my first thought was: Self-indulgent drivel. This book is about as big of a waste of space as I could find.  It goes nowhere, I don't feel connected to the characters, they talk in long isolated passages that make absolutely no sense.  It tries too hard to be something it is not-- good.

Cassia makes it her mission to find Ky come hell or high water.  But within her travels (why is that in all dystopians they must walk and walk and walk and walk through landscape that makes no sense?), Xander has left pieces of himself for her to see.  And we find out that Xander has a secret.  A big secret that will bring about a turn in the scenario in regards to Cassia and Ky.  Everyone knows the secret, but Cassia and no one is willing to tell her because it is Xander's secret to tell.  

Everyone in this book has a secret.  Everyone in this book has a lie.  No one is willing to own up to what they are feeling, thinking and why.  It became annoying.  Why are these kids, and they are just kids, acting like they are in their 40s?  

Each chapter is told in alternating POV's.  Cassia and Ky's.  This annoyed me because I found myself being pulled out of the story each time the view changed.  I couldn't seem to get a grasp on anything.  The one saving grace in this story are the secondary characters.  They were much more animated and alive than Cassia and Ky.  Even Xander, who is spoken of often is more exciting.  You learn nothing of the two main characters and it ends pretty much how it began.  A disappointing sophomore novel. 


  1. I would really love to read this one. I had a feeling it wouldn't be as good as the first.

  2. i liked the first this series, trying to read this soon.
    i also would like to be entered in the a crack in the sky contest.

  3. Oh no! I was hoping that the sequel would make up for the debut because I expected the characters to take off FINALLY. I had found the secondary characters in MATCHED (Xander, Cassia's parents) a little more interesting than Ky and Cassia. There were more things to consider and digest with them... It might be worth reading CROSSED if Xander gets more attention :)


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