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06 July 2011

Book Review: Forever, Maggie Stiefvater

Reading Level:      Young Adult 

Hardcover:           386 Pages 

Publisher:             Scholastic July 12, 2011

Parasols:              2

This is Maggie's last Wolves of Mercy Falls book and for me it fell flat.  I wasn't a huge fan of the series preferring her Faery books over the wolves.  However, I enjoyed Linger much more than Shiver and Forever.  

The writing is flowery and prosey.  Sam annoyed me.  Grace Annoyed me.  Cole and Isabel annoyed me and Cole and Isabel are probably the only redeeming characters in this book.  I think people will be upset with the tying up of things.  Which to me they were very loosely knotted and is bound to fall apart with second or third readings.  I think Maggie is a very, very talented writer and will definitely read more of her works.  This book just did not work for me on various levels.

At times I feel like she is talking down the reader.  Or she goes off on tangents of trees and water and air and, well you get it.  The crux of the story is Sam and Grace and I felt as though she lost that in her writing.

I know that people will be annoyed at me for writing such a negative review for a fan favorite series.  But that's how these things work.  This book just did not work for me.


  1. You have the right to your own opinion and THANKS for sharing your honest review :)

  2. Only 70 pgs in and I am beginning to agree with you. This makes me sad. :(

  3. The final book does not seem final. The ending is inconclusive, leaving you with your imagination as to what's next. This is nice as you can decide, but it leaves the series begging for another book. Come on Maggie, give us more!
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