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21 March 2011

Question for readers of book blogs

If a blogger posts a negative review of book that you are really looking forward to do you automatically change your decision about reading said book?  I guess I'm asking because I wonder how much influence book bloggers have with readers decisions.  Personally, for me, if someone doesn't like the book, I'll take it into considerations look at the reasons they didn't like the book and see if my opinions will match.

We all know that not everyone is going to like every book.  It's impossible to like everything!  But do you, readers, only want to see positive reviews? or are you okay with negative reviews as well.  Kinda giving you two sides to every story.

Does it annoy you that some bloggers will only post positive reviews?  Does it skew your thoughts on the book blogger and other bloggers in general?

What are you thoughts on the matter?


  1. I tend to see if their reasons for not liking are the same reasons I enjoy books (voice, character, plot). But, I've read and enjoyed too many books that others haven't cared for to dismiss any. I've also been talked into plenty of books I had no desire to read, only to find out I loved them.

  2. I do the same as you & consider what they liked/didn't like. Plus when I do read it, it helps to go in with lowered expecations:)

    I just posted a review where I was on the fence with the goal that my readers will go knowing a bit more of what to expect & hopefully enjoy it for what it was (and not what I had hoped for!)

  3. I'm perfectly fine with negative reviews on blogs and it doesn't necessarily change whether or not I'll get the book. If I've been looking forward to it, I'll most likely still get it, but if I was on the fence, then I'll consider their review and then decide.

    For the most part, I'm also okay with only positive reviews on blogs. I understand that some people refuse to write negative reviews, and as their positive reviews are honest, it's fine with me. Now, if bloggers are writing false positive reviews, it's a big difference. Nearly all of my reviews are positive, but that's just because I read books I think I'm going to like. There are a few negative reviews here and there, but I think if bloggers say they adored every single book they've ever read, then there is no weight to their opinions. At least in the eyes of readers.

    So maybe those bloggers who only write positive reviews should post a disclaimer that they do not review books they didn't enjoy. That way, their readers know that they aren't just saying they love everything, they're only talking about what they enjoy.

  4. A bad review wouldn't change my mind. Just be sure to put up spoiler alerts if needed.

    great post.

    I woke up Sunday a.m. to find my blog, my 500 plus followers, my 100plus author interviews, and my 200 plus reviews gone. Blogger gave no explanation, but I think the account was hacked. Change your password often!

    I have reloaded the interviews and reviews, plus redesigned the blog. But if you could, please hit the "follow" button so I can reclaim the fellow bloggers I miss. I'm still following you, as my account remained--thank goodness!

    Thank you!
    Kelly Moran

  5. Usually if it's a book I'm really looking forward to or already have (either review copy or purchased) I do not read the full review. I'll glance at the rating if there is one or just read the first few sentences or so. I abhor spoilers!

    But I like reading reviews of books I've already read and seeing how one person felt about it compared to how I felt about it. :)

    I also write negative reviews on my blog. So, I feel like it's a necessity to address both books you love and books you don't.

  6. It depends on their reasons for not liking it. I look at their reasons and see if that sounds like something I'd like or dislike.

  7. Negative reviews do influence the speed in which I might purchase a book especially if its a blogger that has similar tastes as me.

    Also, the reason behind the "negative" reviews plays a role in helping me make decisions - one persons negative is another persons positive.

    As for a blogger only posting positives -- well generally you pick books you are going to like so the odds of more positive reviews are higher but it is nice to see when a reviewer has a dud or a DNF book it makes them seem more real.

  8. I think if a blogger is only posting positive reviews than their credibility of being able to critically read a book is challenged. Negative reviews may shy me away from the book, especially if I can relate tastes with the book blogger. It's just someone telling me to see or not to see a movie. If we have similar tastes in films then I'll take their word for it and try something else.


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