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08 March 2011

Book Review: Hex Hall, Rachel Hawkins

  • Reading Level:          Young Adult 

    Hardcover:                 323 Pages 

    Publisher:                  Hyperion-Disney, March 2, 2010

    Parasols:                   4

    At the age of 13, Sophie Mercer realized she was a witch.  Now at 16, due to a love spell gone wrong, she is sent to Hecate Hall in Georgia.  All sorts of paranormal juvvies are sent there.  They are called Prodigium.  Sophie's appearance at Hex Hall (nickname the kids have given it) is less than welcoming.  She is attacked by a werewolf, insults a teacher and refuses to join the cool kids (also the strongest black witches at the school). Oh and to make matters worse, her father is in charge of all prodigium.

    However all is not bad at Hex Hall.  She has a very sweet, if pinkalicious vampire for a roommate, and she's crushing on the hot guy.  When people start getting injured or dead, Sophie tries to figure out what is going on.  

    I was pleasantly surprised with this story.  I thought I would find it a bit on the juvenile side, but the humor and the language was perfect for this story.  I loved Sophie's snark and her relationships with her vampy roommie, her frenemy and the hot guy, Archer Cross.  I found myself getting lost in the story and that is something that hasn't happened in a while.  

    I liked how even though Sophie's dad is the head of the ominous sounding Council, she does not want any special treatment.  However, the fact that she knows nothing about her father surprises even the students.  I liked the mystery about the school, the teachers.  The pace and plot move along at a rapid-fire speed.  Once I was finished with the book, there were more questions and I knew that I wanted, no needed the sequel ASAP.  I look forward to reading more from Rachel Hawkins.  As long as her humor stays the same.


  1. I wasn't so sure of this one, either. The name is somewhat juvenile-sounding. I didn't realize it was a nickname for Hecates Hall! Now, I bet I'd really like it, and you'll be digging into Demonglass soon too

  2. I just read & reviewed this one and loved it :D I too was expecting it to be young but it was surprisingly fantastic!


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