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11 March 2011

Book Review: Demonglass, Rachel Hawkins

Reading Level:          Young Adult 

Hardcover:                 359 Pages 

Publisher:                   Hyperion-Disney, March 1, 2011

Parasols:                    4

It's a few months after the debacle that happened at Hecate Hall and Sophie is still in the thick of things.  Knowing exactly what she is doesn't help matter either.  But it all goes to hell when her father shows up to bring her back to England where he can better keep an eye on her and train her for what is her legacy.  Being head of council for the prodigium.  

Unfortunately for Sophie, traveling to England with Jenna (her pinkalicious vampire roomy) and Cal (the mystifying healer who is also gorgeous) is not exactly what Sophie had in mind.  Archer Cross, an agent for the Eye who's sole mission is to destroy each and every Prodigium is in England.  And Sophie wants answers; or does she?

The first 1/4 of this book was a bit sloggy for me.  Lots of information that had already happened and nothing really progressing the story along, but once Sophie hangs out with two demons that are staying at Thorne Hall (Council Headquarters for the summer), things start turning around.  You find out that Sophie is betrothed.  But that's not the important stuff.  Sophie is still pining for Archer.  There is just something not right with his whole being a double agent and she wants to get to the bottom of everything.

Once Archer comes back into play, the story takes off on a thrilling ride.  I could not put this book down.  Rachel loses a bit of Sophie's snark, but it's there when is extremely necessary.  I liked Sophie's relationship with Cal and Jenna, but the stuff with her dad was a bit bizarre.  For someone who has not been in her life, she accepted him quite easily.  But that is just a minor point.  There is a bit of a triangle, but I'm not going to spoil and say who the other person is.  But I would like to see her develop a relationship with the other guy (as opposed to Archer), just to get a bit of jealousy in there.

My only problem: it ends on a cliffhanger!  So that means I have to wait another year before the next book is out! I really enjoy this series because it doesn't take itself too seriously and you know that Rachel Hawkins is having fun with it.  And I'm having fun reading it!


  1. I loved this book even more than Hex Hall! You can see my review. I think she might have accepted her dad so easily because she really did want him in her life and he is the only one that could relate to what she was going through.


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