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11 January 2011

What I want in a Good YA Book.

I've been reading a lot lately and some books I have absolutely loved and some I wonder why I read it.  I know what I want in a book and let's see if I organize my thoughts to make this a post that makes sense.  I like a strong main character, but I don't think that is necessary the most important part of the story.  I want the words to flow and not come across as choppy or forced.  I don't need metaphors galore or similes that just annoy me.

I want a story that grabs me and pulls me in and doesn't force itself on me to like it.  When plot points are glaringly obvious, it's just not for me.  Gratuitous sex does nothing to enhance a story, it's just gratuitous.  Same in a movie.  If the sex is thrown in because it can be, then I don't want or need it.

I definitely don't like to be talked down to.  Today's teenagers are snappy, smart and don't speak like Leave it To Beaver, Partridge Family or Brady Bunch. Today's teens are more like Gilmore Girls, 90210, Vampire Diaries. They have snappy dialogue and know what they like. Older teens even more so.  And to go back to the sex issue.  Teens have sex.  Teens of opposite sex do not sleep in beds and not experiment.  They have absolutely no willpower when it comes to that. Especially when they like each other.  I'm not a therapist, just an observant mother of  a former teen and her friends (some of who are still teens, but entering their twenties).

So that is what I want in a good YA book!  These are my thoughts not to incite any harshness, just what I like in a books.


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