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24 January 2011

Grapemo, Jane Eyre Read and long February for a short month.

I love to write.  I have such a great idea for a romantic young adult story that I've been doing research on Ballet, dancers, ballet clothes, shoes and etc.  Obviously, this will take place in the world of ballet and dancing and how can it not be romantic, right?  I mean, c'mon, ballet is romantic!  I have my male main character name.  But I'm stuck on my female lead's name.  I want something simple, but that's not over done.  I liked Anna, but lately Anna is in a lot of books.  I like Catherine, but then I think too many people will compare to Flowers in the Attic's Cathy.  So I'm stuck.    So this brings me to Grapemo.  This is a yearly thing that Jeannine Garsee does every February.  I think for the past 4 years I've said I do it and I've crashed and burned horribly.  Sometimes my writing mojo works and other times, I get so frustrated with myself.  But I've been doing some homework and I want to write a really good chapter.  Yes, one really good chapter for Grapemo.  It doesn't have to be a whole book in 28 days, just stick to your goals and you survive Grapemo.  I can do this.  I know I can.  I'm totally stoked for my idea and I want it to be brilliant.  I've linked Grapemo above.  Join if you want!

I'm not getting any younger and my goal is to write a damn book.  Ever since I was 5 reading Little House on the Prairie, my goal was to be a writer.  I've been living in the writing world for about 5 years know and I've seen the ups and down of writers getting rejected time and time again.  And writers getting representation and then getting a publishing house to buy their work.  I know the words are in me and I just have to dig deep down inside to bring them up.  I always seem to get my great ideas right before I fall asleep.  I swear I can write a full chapter right before I fall asleep.  And of course those words are brilliant and by the time I wake up in the morning, they are just a faded memory.  It's so flipping frustrating!

Now February is also my Jane Eyre Readathon.  I'm so excited to read this too.  So I'll be reading and writing at weird hours.  I will post a check in on Jane Eyre on Monday's.  Remember to read this at your own pace.  There is no time limit.  If you are a first-time reader of this story, you are really in for a treat.  You know how some people will ask what book would you like to read again for the first time?  Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice would totally be mine.  Since February 1 starts on a Tuesday, our first check-in will be on February 7.  I've set up my google calendar to remind me.  So February will be a busy month and I hope I can manage it all!  Laura takes deep breaths!


  1. I adore GrapeMo (besides Jen would kick me if I didn't do it, lol). How about Hannah? Still very feminine, but not as common as Anna. But do be careful...I am wondering if, with that Black Swan movie taking awards and all, there isn't about to be a glut of ballet stories. (Kinda like what happened with elves after LOTR ;) )
    Have fun, I am sure you can get a wonderful story if you just believe in it, and KEEP GOING!

  2. From Liana: I accidentally deleted it!

    I'm right there with you. seems like getting started is the hardest part. good luck with your busy but productive feburary!

  3. Eldheni, thankfully Black Swan was more psychological than romantic. So hopefully my story will be a one off. about 5 years ago I started an angel story, but yeah, look what happened. I thought of angels first! :)

  4. Character names always take me the longest time to come up with. I get seriously stressed about it. I'm actually happy to be writing retellings now because I usually don't have a choice about a name and it tends to make things easier for me. (Though there have been some names I've HATED and grumbled about having to write but eventually grew to love. Alice herself, for example.)

  5. Hey Laura loo I'm doing grapemo with ya!

  6. Woohoo Jane Eyre! I bought a very inexpensive paperback today because my old copy is, well, old, and falling apart. New England Mobile Book Fair has $1.98 Dover Edition! Woohoo!

  7. I think I missed something, and I've never read Jane Eyre. I don't really want to... Is that bad??


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