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16 December 2010

Bright Young Things, Anna Godberson

Reading Level:    Young Adult

Hardcover:          389 Pages

Publisher:            HarperCollins/HarperTeen

Parasols:               5

I can say absolutely nothing bad about Anna Godberson.  I adore her writing, I love her storytelling and I think she's a fantastic storyteller.  I loved her Luxe series, so hearing about this new series that would take place during the roaring 20s, yeah, I was hesitant.  But am I glad that I bought this book.  I adored it.  She scores again with this series.

First off, she starts us off in a no-name town somewhere in Ohio.  Cordelia Grey and Letitia Haubstadt have dreamt of leaving the small town and making it big in New York City.  Where everything good happens.  Cordelia wants to find her father, who she suspects is a big wig in NYC and Letty just wants to see her name in lights.  So when is the best time to go to NYC? Well for Cordelia, it's the day she gets married to the hot guy in her town.

However once they get to NYC, not everything goes according to plan.  Letty doesn't realize that Cordelia is in NYC to look for her father and feels betrayed.  Not 48 hours in NYC do they go their own way.  As Cordelia makes her way to bootlegger Darius Grey's mansion, Letty is alone and poor in NYC with nowhere to turn.  Fortunately she met a kind-hearted soul at a speakeasy who has taken her in and helps her get a job.

As both girls lives turn in opposite directions, we see how much they really do need each other.  Cordelia is accepted with open arms (I was a bit skeptical with this, but I suspended my belief for fiction).  Cordelia finds that she has everything she could've wanted.  And now she has garnered the attention of a hot young man who may or may not be good for her.

Letty has changed her name to Letty Larkspur and is trying to make it big in NYC.  She too has garnered the attention of several men, and obviously the one she chooses is the one she should stay away from.  This story just kept me glued til the ending and I cannot wait for the sequel.  Again, Godberson is a fine storyteller and I highly recommend this book and series.  Also check out her previous Luxe novels as well.  Gorgeous cover!


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