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14 October 2010

Writing a less than flattering review

I know that we all hate them.  We don't like to read them and I think the majority of us really don't like to write them because we've become friends with the authors.  Some may skirt the issue or post what they liked about a book.  I feel I cannot be honest to myself if I don't explain why I didn't like the book.  I would never attack an author (and I hope that in any of my posts that has never happened) and criticize the author for decisions a character makes or does, etc...

Sometimes all it takes is a continuity error that I can't seem to get over.  Maybe it has to do with clunky writing and dialogue (Now grant it these are advance copies I'm reading, it's bound to be in there!).  Or it just doesn't sing to me.  Some books have bored me in the past.  It happens.

I remember about 10 or so years ago, my mom tried desperately to get me to read OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon.  I was so into Jane Austen, EM Forster, Evelyn Waugh, Brontes, Byatt, Hornby, and Fielding (Helen, not Tom).  I tried so hard to read that book.  I read the first 100 pages and just. couldn't. do. it.  My mom said, "Keep going." I couldn't so I stopped.  She would regularly ask me if I'd finally read it.  My answer was always no.

Finally three years ago, I decided that I would it another chance.  Yep, the first 100 pages bored me to tears, but I stuck with it and I'm happy I did because I actually really enjoyed it!  Now, me and my mom do not have the same taste in books at all.  I always preferred good literature whereas she read those cheesy romance with Fabio on the cover.

Sometimes you have to go back to a book during a different time in your life to enjoy it.  So a book I may not enjoy right now, I might enjoy the finished version or I might enjoy it two years, five years, 10 years down the road.

I don't like writing negative reviews.  But sometimes I have to.


  1. I recently wrote a pretty negative review for a book from a series I loved. I felt bad about it but the main character was just so unrealistic that it ruined the book for me. I hate when I like the story and the setting but then the main character ruins it with their unbelievable behavior.

  2. Isn't it true? Sometimes I have to wait on a book until I'm ready to read it. Forcing the issue at the wrong time never does either of us any good.

  3. Sometimes we all have to write a negative review now and then. I love the point you make about book affecting you differently at different times. maybe hti sone will work out better later.

  4. It is so true that a book can have a completely different effect on us depending on when we read it! I have had the opposite happen, too : loving a book at first read, and then liking it less years later.


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