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03 September 2010

Banned Books Reading Challenge (Sept 1 - Oct 2)

The absolutely lovely Steph Su has created this challenge for bloggers and specifically young adult bloggers to read books that have been banned or challenged.  In light of the Ellen Hopkins v. Texas fiasco, I think the time is absolutely right for this challenge!

Steph is asking us to read one banned book a week for the duration of the contest.  We can do more or less depending on time and how fast one reads.  I would really like to see my readers of this blog pick up a banned book (I'll post resources below), read it, and let me know why you think this book was banned, challenged by school systems.  I'd like to keep this in the young adult genre and we know there are tons of books in the past decade that have been challenged.

I'm really excited about this and will try to come up with some great giveaways.

As always Banned Book Week is September 25 - October 2, and the ALA goes out of it's way to promote this.

This is taken directly from Steph's blog:

Goals of This Challenge:
  • To bring attention to books that have been challenged or banned
  • To support authors whose freedom of expression have been questioned or challenged by buying and reading their books
  • To increase awareness of censorship
Try to do your part and read at least one challenged book and tell us what you think.  Or if you have a blog, why not sign up for this challenge.  I've linked Steph's blog and the post above and on the Ban This picture on the right side of the blog.


  1. I actually feel happy that I have read a great deal of these banned or challenged books. I will most certainly pick one the ones I haven't read up. PAH! Banning or challenging in my eyes just means that parents don't communicate with their children. My mom and dad would read the books (up to a certain age)with me and talk about them. Communication people!

  2. Great resources - I'm writing a post on banned books so this is super helpful!


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