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09 August 2010

Halo, Alexandra Adornetto

Reading Level:       Young Adult

Paperback:              496 Pages

Publisher:               Feiwel & Friends 8/31/10

Bookmarks:            5

Um, WOW!  I absolutely adored this strange coming of age story, by the very talented 17 year old Alexandra Adornetto.  Three Angels come to earth to help rid the world of the evil influences in every day lives.  There are Gabriel, Ivy and Bethany.  Gabriel is the archangel also a warrior; Ivy is the healer of the bunch and sits on God's right side.  Bethany is the newest angel.  She isn't quite catergorized yet.

They move into house that has been set up for them without any of the conveniences of normal life in the 21st century.  Bethany is for all intents and purposes a normal teenage girl, who will have to go to high school and live life like a normal.  But it is there that she meets the captain of the Rugby team, the school captain, Xavier Woods.  Bethany finds herself of acting more human and being more teenagerish than Gabe or Ivy would wish.  No one can know their secret.

Bethany pushes the boundaries with heaven and falls for the inimitable Xavier and he falls for her.  The Angels sing, the heavens open and life is good. (I jest, that did not happen!).  Bethany is about to be tested.

And her test comes in the form of a bad boy who does everything he can to tempt her to fall from grace.

As you can tell I really enjoyed this story and it is definitely one series that I will be reading til the end.  The author can write and her storytelling flows so well that you forget you're even reading a teen author.  I can just imagine how excited Jane Feiwel is to have the brilliant young author on their radar screens!  I definitely recommend this book to someone who loves a romantic setting with a paranormal twist.


  1. "a romantic setting with a paranormal twist" that's my book for sure^^
    I can't blieve that finally there's only a moth left for the book to come out! YAY!


  2. I really like the sound of this one. Plus the cover is super cool. Thanks for the review! :)

  3. This book sounds amazing. I'm definitely adding it to my To Read list!


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