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18 June 2010

Let's Talk about Vampire Academy!!!!

I absolutely adore this series, and I like how Richelle Mead isn't afraid to take chances with her characters.  I just reread the series from the beginning and have really picked up on a lot of clues that she has thrown in earlier books.

With everything that has happened since book one, and boy has it been a lot.  Dimitri became a strigoi, Lissa has begun a relationship with a boy who's parents became strigoi intentionally. Rose fell in love with her guardian instructor.  She and Lissa ran away, they busted out a notorious gangster from prison.

Mead isn't living vicariously through her characters like one certain author did with her humongous bestselling series.  I don't see one ounce of Mary Sue in Rose or Lissa.  These are characters that well developed.  The world that is created is one that is similar to ours, but maybe be a sideways world as well.  The Moroi and Dhampir live peacefully within our world, but have their own rules and leaders.  They follow the laws of the world, but also have another set of laws to follow as well.

When reading this series, I feel like a young teen again.  I get angsty and fall in love all over again.  I was a bit disappointed in Dimitri in Spirit Bound, but I understand the position he took. His life is different now that he's been given back his soul (aka Angelus via Buffy).  Rose may not go about things the right way, but she reacts viciously with her heart when it's about love.  I feel badly for Adrian because he adores and worships Rose, but her heart will always be with Dimitri.

Lissa.  At times she's annoyed me.  I think I likened her to a wet noodle, but as the series progresses, she's gotten stronger and I think with the final book in the series, we'll see how strong she gets.  With Queen Tatiana out of the picture, Lissa will have to take that royal seat that she desperately wants to hold.  Plus with her strong sense of spirit, she can make a whole room in awe of her.  I have a theory behind the murder, but I really think the clues are all in the book Spirit Bound. You just have to know how to read the clues.  Personally, Victor Dashkov is a red herring.  For those of you who suspect him, look back to the second Tarot card reading (Spirit Bound).  That's all I'm saying on that.

I'd like to open this to you.  Tell me what you love, hate, adore about this series.  Who do you think is the murderer.  Let's have fun with this!


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